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Power to the people: Kinetic releases major inRide upgrade

Kinetic Rock and Roll turbo trainer with bike

Kinetic, a leader in precision bicycle trainers and training technology, has launched a major update to its Kinetic inRide power training app. The update includes new home-screen graphics, improved guided workouts, direct social media sharing, and real-time workout graphing.

The new update streamlines navigation throughout the entire app and adds a host of new workout and training features.

When paired with a Kinetic fluid trainer, such as Kinetic’s Road Machine or Rock and Roll trainers, the app will ‘provide accurate indoor power training at a fraction of the cost of traditional power meters.’ At its heart, this gives turbo trainer users access to a wealth of data at a relatively low price point.

Pricing for Kinetic’s inRide has also come down in tandem with the inRide upgrade. MSRP for the ‘pod-only’ version of the Kinetic inRide Watt Meter is US$75 (down from an original US$95). MSRP for the Kinetic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap is US$59 (previously US$75). A bundled price for the pod and strap is US$130 (was US$170).


Kinetic inRide - pod and HRM


Kinetic inRide is compatible with all Kinetic fluid trainers with 6lb fly wheels and debuted in 2012 as ‘the world’s first Bluetooth Smart trainer-based watt meter system’. InRide is compatible with the iPhone 4S, 5 and 6 series, iPad 3, 4, iPad Mini and Air and the 5th generation iPod Touch.

Having purchased a Kinetic turbo trainer and the inRide devices (e.g. Watt Meter and Heart Rate Strap), the inRide app is free on the App Store.

New for 2015
The guided workout updates include a new Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test that takes riders through a workout that includes a warm-up period and a 20-minute time trial. The rider automatically receives their new FTP number and the option to update their user profile and training zones with a single click. Also new are built-in workouts that guide riders through interval sessions with on-screen prompts at each interval to help riders get into the correct target zone.

“When we re-launched inRide in September 2014 it quickly established itself as an extremely accurate, functional and affordable way for cyclists to train with power,” said David Simpson, Kinetic Marketing Manager. “Our goal with this update was to refine the inRide app and open up smart phone-based power training to a broader group of riders with a simplified but feature-rich user experience.”

Kinetic logo

Also new is a real-time graphing feature that allows a rider to track current power versus target power throughout a workout. Cadence, heart rate and speed are tracked in real-time as well. Users can zoom in or out on the graphing feature at any point in a workout and can even minimize the graph and replace it with a numbers-only display.

Direct sharing of workouts to Facebook, Twitter and Apple iOS Health is now possible as a result of the new app update. Once a user’s iDevice is configured, sharing a workout to social media is easily done through the ride history screen.


Kinetic inRide ugrade - screen display


“InRide users asked us for the ability to share their workouts on social media so this feature was a key component of this update,” explained Jason Overman, Kinetic’s North American Sales Manager. “With the growing popularity of virtual group rides and races we also felt it important that we enhance sharing with other popular training platforms such as Strava, Training Peaks and MapMyFitness. Sharing with these platforms is as simple as activating a settting in each rider’s profile.”

The new update also features improvements to sensor pairing, trainer calibration, user profile creation, ride history and a completely redesigned home screen. Users can learn more about all of the inRide updates and new features by visiting the Kinetic blog.


Kinetic Rock and Roll turbo trainer


Raw power
Having put the Kinetic Rock and Roll turbo through its paces over the past few months, the set-up and day-to-day operation of the device is simple and effective. Opening up the inRide app via a smart phone gives access to heart rate, speed, distance and that all-important power data.

The app, once opened up via an iPhone, automatically connects to the Watt Meter and Heart Rate Strap. Workouts then commence, either via the dedicated workouts built into the app itself or via the ‘Free Ride’ workout option. Selecting the Free Ride option means that the rider can opt for a training video, such as those produced by Sufferfest, with the inRide app still collecting distance, speed, cadence, calories burnt, heart rate and power data throughout the ride.

The new interface via the latest inRide app upgrade is fairly intuitive. Kinetic’s latest blog post also clarifies the operation of the new app interface in full.

With power becoming an increasingly important tool for the growing band of age group cyclists and triathletes, Kinetic’s inRide power training app is well positioned. The addition of power to turbo training sessions is a real bonus, particularly for those who cannot stretch to the expense of adding a power meter to their bike.

After all, even one of the most affordable power meters to hit the market in recent years – the Stages Power meter – involves an outlay of around £500-600 (US$600-700).

For those who already own a Kinetic turbo trainer, or who are seeking a new turbo, an additional US$75 with the free inRide app gives the user access to power data at a fraction of the cost. While this doesn’t provide power whilst out on the road, it does add an extra dimension to training via the turbo.

Plus, tracking power output and gains in Functional Threshold Power (FTP) over time offer an incentive to tackle the discomfort and sometimes tedium of the turbo. This surely can’t be a bad thing!




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