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A new SHIFT in the way athletes view their watches

EdgeGear SHIFT improved viewing angle

On a mission to improve and modernize the way people have worn watches for centuries, EdgeGear has announced the launch of the SHIFT watch band on crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

With a design that positions the watch at an optimum viewing angle and within the natural field of view (between the thumb and pointer fingers), the SHIFT band allows the user to read data provided by their sports or smartwatch, without disrupting the flow of his or her run or workout.

Aimed at being comfortable and offering a snug fit, the fly-weight watch band is compatible with most fitness and smart watch models including the Apple watch, Garmin, Pebble, SUUNTO and others.

After 2 years of developing and testing prototypes, EdgeGear founders and designers James Gilmore and Andrew Green launched the SHIFT watch band to address how the placement of their watches was slowing them down. Gilmore and Green met while living in Oslo, Norway, and evoked the SHIFT idea during their runs together.

“Every time we looked down to check our pulse, our pace, our progress, the placement of our watches slowed us down,” explained Gilmore. “We were losing time whenever we attempted to gain it. That’s when we realized that our watch bands were stuck in a previous century.”

EdgeGear SHIFT watch band for runners

With a background in biotech and a passion for running, Green added, “As runners, we are constantly reaching for the split-second edge. As engineers, we’ll take any excuse to tinker with the status quo.”

EdgeGear has partnered with SMACK! Media during its Kickstarter campaign to help reach a goal of US$45,000 to be used towards manufacturing the SHIFT watch band that will officially go to market in March 2016.

With 13 days left, the campaign is only a few thousand dollars away from achieving the fundraising goal.

Green commented, “We are excited to partner with SMACK! Media for this fast-paced campaign. Based on their previous successes with Kickstarter, their creative and strategic marketing tactics and their personal knowledge of our target market, the team at SMACK! will elevate our team and guide us to meet and exceed our objectives.”

Pre-orders of SHIFT are available now for US$30 until 30 November 2015 through the Kickstarter crowd-funding website.




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