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ACTIVE Network and Dave McGillivray team up

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ACTIVE Network, the ‘largest global marketplace for activities and events’ is teaming up with Dave McGillivray, race director for iconic events and an industry pioneer who has recently received the Marathon Photo / Road Race Management Lifetime Achievement Award for dedication to the endurance industry.

Together, ACTIVE and McGillivray will aim to bring ACTIVE’s data insights and analytics, strategic tools and industry knowledge to organizers to help them differentiate their events, grow participation and understand market dynamics.

“I’m flattered that ACTIVE Network has asked me and DMSE to provide these services for them,” said McGillivray. “We are seeing a shift in how event directors connect and engage with participants. Technology, data and marketing are playing a larger role in event management than ever before. With the level of rich data insights, technology and marketing expertise ACTIVE offers, event directors are able to make more strategic decisions that will drive the growth of their event, growing the industry overall which, of course, is of keen interest to me and to ACTIVE.”

He continued, “I’m really looking forward to sharing best practices with fellow event directors from around the country and the world. I’ve always felt we learn from each other, and ACTIVE is now giving me the chance and opportunity to work with thousands of race directors. To me, race directors are the heart and soul of our sport, and it will be very gratifying to give back to them in this way.”

ACTIVE and McGillivray will create a series of industry best practice seminars and content, with particular focus on how event directors can unlock the value of their data and use technology to impact the entire participant journey. McGillivray will also participate in a series of videos, roadshow appearances, webinars and industry articles focused on the evolution of the endurance space and how technology, data insights and marketing will play a role in influencing and supporting a participant throughout his or her journey in the event lifecycle.

“We are excited to work with Dave, an industry pioneer and leader in the endurance sports space,” said Sam Renouf, General Manager for Sports at ACTIVE Network. “Dave has been at the forefront of the industry for nearly 30 years, and has supported, led and managed hundreds of events.

He continued, “ACTIVE has been leading the endurance industry in technology for the past 16 years since our company was founded, and we have the deepest experience in technology, data insights and marketing capabilities to participants that are incredibly valuable to event organizers. ACTIVE is pleased to be teaming up with Dave as our sport enters this new phase of sophistication, where data will evolve our industry.”

Through the partnership, McGillivray and his event management company, DMSE, will also offer ACTIVE’s centralized online registration, marketing solutions and data management capabilities to its events, utilizing ACTIVE’s technology platform, ACTIVEWorks Endurance.

DMSE will also use ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud, including the newly launched ACTIVE Target Marketer module, to gain data insights into participant and market trends and social media behaviour, connecting the DMSE brand to new audiences and growing participation for its events.

Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises (DMSE) is a leader in sports event management, specializing in creating, marketing and producing mass participatory athletic events throughout the U.S. and abroad. DMSE manages more than 25 major road races per year.

ACTIVE Network annually processes nearly 100 million registrations and more than US$3 billion in payments for over 47,000 organizers and 200,000 activities and events worldwide. The company’s enterprise-level ACTIVEWorks platform offers organizers SaaS technology that aims to streamline the administration of activities and events.

The ACTIVE Network Activity Cloud platform combines data analytics and business intelligence tools to provide insights that can help organizers better manage their events and increase participation. Founded in 1999, ACTIVE Network is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.




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