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Aqua-flex from Zoggs: ‘The most advanced goggle we have ever made’

Zoggs Aqua-flex

Billed as the most advanced goggle it has ever made, swim accessories specialist Zoggs is rolling out its new Aqua-flex goggles in 2016. With a sleek profile, light weight and modern design, Zoggs’ latest swimming goggle release also includes ‘Tri Power Vision’.

This aspect of the goggles revolves around how clear vision in the water is a key component for the brand; and that all products in the new Aqua-flex range aim to maximise visibility. The FINA-approved Aqua-flex contains Zoggs’ Four Flex point technology, which gives ‘enhanced frame flexibility and unbelievable comfort for all face shapes and sizes.’

It is also billed as the first goggle with a soft touch strap adjustment.

In addition, Aqua-flex has Soft-Seal Plus… Zoggs hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal Plus has liquid silicone gaskets for maximum comfort. According to the company, ‘they are incredibly light and provide an extremely comfortable face contouring second skin fit.’

Zoggs Aqua Flex logo

Aqua-flex has different lens options to cover a variety of swimming needs both in and outdoors:

Aqua-flex Titanium with titanium lenses that provide added protection from reflected light to reduce eye fatigue. They also reduce glare and soften the visual experience when swimming indoors.
Colourway in Copper Titanium – Orange / Clear / Grey colourway
And Light Smoke Titanium – Green / Clear / Grey
Available – from January 2016 (RRP £25)

Aqua-flex Smoke with smoke lenses. These are designed to offer medium protection against the sun and bright light making them appropriate for outdoor use. They are positioned as a practical solution for changeable conditions and everyday training.
Colourway in Smoke – Blue / Clear / Grey
And Smoke – Black / Clear / Orange
Available – from January 2016 (RRP £20)

Aqua-flex Clear with clear lenses. This model is targeted for low light, overcast conditions or indoor where maximum visibility is required providing clarity of vision.
Colourway in Clear – Blue / Clear / Blue
Available – from January 2016 (RRP £20)




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