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Aqua Sphere presents 2016 tri wetsuit range

Aqua Sphere 2016 wetsuits

Utilising the ‘latest advanced fabrics and innovative design technologies’, Aqua Sphere’s 2016 triathlon wetsuits aim to offer a technologically advanced wetsuit for every level of athlete, from beginner to elite, plus a design specifically for young teenagers.

Designed to ensure an optimum balance of performance and comfort, the updated 2016 range blends warmth, flexibility and buoyancy and aims to reinforce Aqua Sphere’s strength across this product category.

Design modifications, tested by leading global athletes including IRONMAN Champions Faris al Sultan and Tim O’Donnell, are underscored with new graphics which ‘blaze across the torso, giving the wetsuits a highly distinctive muscular appearance with tremendous visual impact.’

According to Aqua Sphere, and as a result of in-depth research into stroke mechanics, human kinetics and hydrodynamics, the top of the range 2016 Phantom suit is built for unparalleled speed.

Unveiled at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, the 2016 Phantom uses top quality superstretch neoprene and its panel configurations, constructed in multiple thicknesses, aim to ensure flotation with minimal restriction of movement.

Back and waist compression panels and an internal waist band help to stabilize the body’s core muscles to improve posture and provide a more streamlined body position, allowing for a more powerful hip rotation to maximize speed.

A bio stretch zone of 1mm super thin wraparound panels enables the Phantom to shadow the natural movements of the shoulders, upper body and core rotation, allowing for maximum movement and extension.

Finally, a new and improved extended length reverse zipper and quick release ankle transition panels ‘deliver Aqua Sphere’s fastest suit removal capability’. Positioned as being among the best elite level triathlon wetsuits available on the market, the Phantom and the female-specific W-Phantom have an SRP of £499.99.

All the wetsuits in Aqua Sphere’s 2016 range variously blend multiple thicknesses of panels to offer a mix of flotation, compression and movement appropriate for each level of athlete. The Racer and Challenger suits are targeted at the competitive athlete, whilst beginners are served by the warmth and buoyancy available from the Pursuit.

Attention to detail features include a smooth ultra-fine collar, which is designed to minimise neck chafing, helping to generate a feeling of comfort and security in the water.

The entry-level Pursuit is priced at SRP £189.99, which is, interestingly slightly above other priced wetsuit offerings in this sub-category.

Going forwards, as part of its brand outreach, Aqua Sphere continues to be a partner to the iconic Great Swim Series, providing wetsuits for sale or hire. The company is also the swim kit partner to Always Aim High Events, which hosts popular events on the UK tri calendar, such as the Snowdonia Slateman.

Aqua Sphere’s new 2016 triathlon wet suit range is available at retail from February.




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