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Babbittville Radio podcast exceeds 200,000 downloads

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Bob Babbitt, the USA Triathlon(USAT) and Ironman Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee, has announced that his Babbittville Radio podcast has had over 200,000 downloads since its launch in August.

“The best part about the new show is that I get to interview the most amazing athletes in the world and share their stories with our listeners,” said Babbitt. “I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t appreciate how lucky I am to get to chat with past, current and future endurance sports legends and share their insight with people who share that same passion for running, triathlon cycling and mountain biking.”

Babbitt originally created Competitor Radio back in 1990 and placed the show on The Mighty 1090 AM, the 50,000 watt all-sports radio powerhouse that reaches up and down the West Coast.

“The reason I was so insistent on placing a show on an all-sports radio station in the beginning was so that people would be listening to an interview with a basketball, football or baseball legend like Magic Johnson, Willie Mays, Larry Bird or Dan Fouts and then, a few minutes later, hear my interviews with Dave Scott, Paula Newby-Fraser, Greg LeMond or Steve Scott and figure, if they are being interviewed on The Mighty 1090, these athletes must be big time stars as well and the sports they participate in must be important.”

Babbittville Radio is unique because the show airs not only on The Mighty 1090 AM in Southern California for two full hours every Sunday night, but the interviews can also be heard on babbittville.com, iTunes, Stitcher, and Player FM.

“My goal has always been to promote our athletes and our sports and to keep growing the industry,” continued Babbitt. “25 years after I first created my radio show, we have more ways to spread the endurance sports message than ever before and my feeling is that we’re just getting started!”




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