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BSX Athletics introduces non-invasive lactate threshold sensor


BSX Athletics has announced availability of the ground breaking BSXinsight. The crowd funded device is ‘the world’s first wearable sensor to measure lactate threshold and automatically identify personalized training zones’.

Lactate threshold has long been considered the ‘golden standard of performance measurement’ by Olympians and professional athletes worldwide. The BSXinsight is the only device that can measure lactate without a blood draw or performance lab visit and finally makes this ‘powerful metric used by the pros’ accessible to every day fitness enthusiasts.

Lactate threshold is the exercise intensity at which lactate acid accumulates in the blood stream faster than the body can clear it. The ability to maintain the same level of workout intensity with a lower amount of lactate production demonstrates an improvement in fitness.

Using optical technology, the BSXinsight reads the oxygenation level of a person’s blood through the calf and then translates that information to blood lactate level. The non-intrusive sensor is worn comfortably around the calf, pairs with users’ smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 technology and relays information to the BSX app in real time.


“All the fitness trackers currently available are retroactive, they relay an isolated number like steps or calories, which represent what you’ve done in the past but say nothing about what you should do in the future,” says BSX Athletics CEO, Dustin Freckleton. “BSXinsight enables people to train smarter because it’s the only device of its kind that looks forward; it identifies optimal future training zones based on current fitness capacity and physiology.”

BSXinsight tells users what they need to do for the next six to eight weeks to get the most out of their training. The BSXinsight is currently available online at bsxinsight.com in running (US$299.99), cycling (US$369.99) and multisport (US$419.99) editions.

BSX Athletics is an endurance sports technology company based in Houston, Texas. Its mission is to make ‘every athlete a personal record holder, by taking the guesswork out of training and giving athletes the most powerful information available’.




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