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Car insurance for cyclists

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With a soft launch last month, carinsurance4cyclists.com has been attracting increasing interest via the media and social media channels. The new insurance offering is reported to be the first to make the connection between cycling and driving, offering a reduced car insurance premium to those who do both!

Having negotiated discounts with a panel of major UK insurance underwriters, carinsurance4cyclists.com has been able to show that cyclists, who are part of a club, are better car insurance risks than the average driver based on their roadworthiness, healthy lifestyle and road alertness.

As a result, carinsurance4cyclists.com has been contacting local cycling clubs across the UK. The car insurance scheme is only available to registered cycling club members, who can learn more and apply for car insurance via the main carinsurance4cyclists.com site, or call for a quote.

In its outreach to UK cycling clubs, the insurance provider notes…

Our proposition to you and your club is that this is brought to the attention of your club members for two main reasons:

  1. It will reflect a club membership benefit in being a cycling club member (these rates are not available to non-club members).
  2. We will pay to the club an ongoing payment of £10 for new business and renewals, which will increase your club funds and you will know how best to use this.




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