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CeramicSpeed heads for the stars with UFO Chains acquisition

CeramicSpeed UFO Chain - SRAM

Danish ceramic bearings manufacturer, CeramicSpeed, has acquired UltraFast Optimization (UFO) racing chains, a subsidiary of the independent testing lab Friction Facts, based in Boulder, Colorado. Known for its low friction products and top quality ceramic bearings, CeramicSpeed aims to keep on counting saved watts with the newest addition to its product offer: a racing chain that saves a claimed 2-5 watts.

CeramicSpeed has this week confirmed the acquisition of Friction Facts’ UltraFast Optimization business, subsequently moving all of the UFO operations to the company’s HQs in Holstebro, Denmark. The collaboration with Friction Facts’ founder and innovator of the UltraFast Optimization chains, Jason Smith, came as ‘an organic decision for CeramicSpeed.’

Commenting on the sale to CeramicSpeed, Friction Facts’ Jason Smith said, “CeramicSpeed and UFO are a perfect fit. CeramicSpeed, a leader with their top performing friction-reducing bearings, will be able to embrace the UFO technology and chain products, adding to their established line of drivetrain components.”

He continued, “The CeramicSpeed UFO Chains will be as fast as or faster than the chains previously produced by UFO. We have shared with CeramicSpeed every detail of our manufacturing process and they have taken our process and incorporated a couple of advancements on top of our traditional process. This, along with their new and higher capability production equipment will take even more watts off the chains. We are very pleased to pass the baton to CeramicSpeed.”

The CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are solid yet versatile chains, billed as being extremely smooth and easy running, which offer strong riding and performance prospects. The optimisation treatment on each chain ‘delivers the lowest friction for 200 miles/320 km of riding under clean conditions.’

Even if the CeramicSpeed UFO Chain is short-term and meant for race-day applications, the used chain will still carry traces of its treatment, long after the 200 miles/320 km. According to CeramicSpeed, the used chain continues to deliver a level of performance and benefits, which further tops the efficiency of a new standard chain.

CeramicSpeed’s Managing Director Martin Banke said, “With the acquisition of UltraFast Optimization the package of extremely low friction and high performance products reaches an outright pinnacle by adding the world’s fastest racing chain to our portfolio.

“Today, CeramicSpeed brings off a compelling upgrade for all types of riders, which includes the low friction bottom brackets, pulley wheels, wheel kits, headsets and now the CeramicSpeed UFO chains. Our passion for quality and high performance is just part of our DNA.”

The CeramicSpeed UFO Chain is essentially a race chain that can be used after race day. The UltraFast Optimized chains have helped 2013 IRONMAN World Champion Frederik Van Lierde in his winning ways. He said, ”Since February 2013 I’ve been using the UltraFast Chains; no need to tell you 2013 has been my best year ever! The couple of watts I gain by using the chains make a huge difference for me! Only the best is good enough.”

CeramicSpeed was founded in 2004 with all products handmade at the company’s HQ in Denmark. The company specializes in ceramic bearings and accessories for the cycling industry, distributed in more than 20 countries worldwide. Pro Tour teams such as Team Tinkoff-Saxo, Astana, MTN Qhubeka and CULT Energy Pro Cycling, to name a few, all ride with CeramicSpeed products.




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