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CeramicSpeed in new collaboration with Squirt Lube

CeramicSpeed UFO Chain Package

CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are now completed with Squirt Lube as the recommended lube for the maintenance of the high performance racing chains. Billed as ‘the world’s fastest racing chains’, CeramicSpeed notes that its UFO Chains are now delivered with the fastest drip-lube ever tested – Squirt!

The official collaboration between CeramicSpeed and Squirt Lube started in October 2015, at IRONMAN Hawaii, where the collaboration was introduced for the first time. Thanks to its unique properties to extend the chain lifetime and achieve low friction after the UFO optimisation treatment wears off, Squirt Lube has been selected for the maintenance of the CeramicSpeed UFO Chains.

The low friction of CeramicSpeed products has helped professional and amateur riders alike benefit from ‘free speed or saved energy of up to 16 watts’. For that reason, CeramicSpeed extended its expertise earlier this year, by adding the production of optimised UFO racing chains to the watt-saving CeramicSpeed product family.

The company notes that the potential speed boost on race day delivered by UFO Chains has been ‘long acknowledged by pro triathletes worldwide and professional cycling teams, using them at World Tour races as their competitive advantage.’

In May 2015, CeramicSpeed acquired Boulder, Colorado based UltraFast Optimization Chains, a subsidiary of the independent American test lab, Friction Facts. Ever since, the development, production and shipment of UFO Chains have been coordinated at the CeramicSpeed HQ in Denmark.

CeramicSpeed UFO Chains are now delivered with a maintenance solution and Squirt Lube is now added to every UFO Chain product package. CeramicSpeed is enthusiastic about the new collaboration.

CeramicSpeed Managing Director Martin Banke said, “In order to keep our products performing to the highest standards, we need to find the best manufacturers to partner with. The Squirt Lube is the fastest chain drip-lube on the market, therefore the match with the fastest chain in the world came naturally and we are eager to see what more this collaboration will bring for the future.”

According to a test performed by Friction Facts in 2013 and 2014, Squirt Lube scored as the fastest drip-lube, making it the most suitable lube for the maintenance of CeramicSpeed UFO Chains. By using Squirt Lube in the maintenance of the UFO Chain, CeramicSpeed points out that ‘traces of optimisation are stimulated even further, resulting in an upgraded and high-quality training chain.’

CeramicSpeed Squirt Lube

Jacques Theron, co-founder at Squirt Lube noted that both companies are pleased with the new partnership. “The innovative team at CeramicSpeed, mainly known for its bearings, has chosen Squirt Lube as the ideal lubricant for their UFO Chains. Tested as the drip-lube with the lowest resistance by Friction Facts, the Danish company recommends Squirt as a maintenance lube for their UFO Chains.

“Thanks to its unique abilities, a 15ml bottle of Squirt Lube is included as a gift in every CeramicSpeed UFO package. As the project is already rolling, we are convinced that this collaboration is the beginning of a successful venture.”

CeramicSpeed is a Danish producer of ceramic bearings founded in 2004. All bearing products are handmade at the company’s HQ in Denmark and all UFO chains are optimised in Denmark. The company only uses ‘exclusive parts and materials matching the highest quality standards.’

CeramicSpeed’s ceramic bearings were on bikes that secured victories in 2014 and 2015 Grand Tours, this year starring Alberto Contador at the Giro d’Italia from Team Tinkoff-Saxo and Fabio Aru from Pro Team Astana at Vuelta a España.

Professional cycling teams such as Team Tinkoff-Saxo, Astana Pro Team and MTN Qhubeka, to name a few, ride with CeramicSpeed products. Additionally, CeramicSpeed products are the choice of some of the world’s leading triathletes such as Frederik Van Lierde, Craig Alexander, Leanda Cave, Gwen Jorgensen, Tyler Butterfield, and Tim Don amongst others.

The company’s products are used as OEM parts by some of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycles and bicycle gear. In addition, they are distributed worldwide and can be found in over 25 countries.




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