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Convenient, recyclable RoguePak hydration cartridges

Roguepak in three sizes

While cleaning and drying a hydration system can sometimes be a chore, replacing a hydration system shouldn’t have to be costly. With this in mind RoguePak hydration cartridge has economy, and the ability to recycle, at the forefront.

The RoguePak durable design lets the user fill it with any liquid and use as long as required. But when the user decide the hydration cartridge had enough use, the company adds ‘you’ll feel good knowing that our cartridges aren’t expensive to replace…. You’ll also feel better knowing that the used cartridge is 100% recyclable.’

Available on Amazon and other specialist retailers, a RoguePak 70oz pack of two is priced at around US$12.99, with a four-pack priced at $19.95.

The patent pending design is aimed at making the RoguePak hydration cartridge easy to open, fill and close. Constructed of strong polyethylene, the RoguePak hydration cartridge is available in 50, 70, and 100-ounce sizes to meet a variety of hydration needs and occasions.

RoguePak points to a range of benefits:

  • RoguePak cartridges are strong and lightweight.
  • The self-sealing Fast-Fill port allows the user to fill the cartridge in seconds, not minutes. It’s over-sized so ice cubes can also be added.
  • Durable Vendflow plastic tubing—eliminates the ‘plastic taste’ found in some other plastic tubing.
  • The Secure-Seal clip will keep the cartridge closed.
  • Quick-Connect—single button action has a solid seal.
  • Easy-to-use bite valve allows users to drink on the go.
  • RoguePak cartridges are easy to use and keep you going — with no need to focus time/effort on cleaning.

RoguePak adds that a reusable reservoir, which comes with most hydration packs, is recommended to be cleaned and dried frequently, especially if being filledt with anything other than water.

The company points out, ‘You can buy a kit making the cleaning process fairly easy. However, drying the reservoir is a bit more painstaking, and you either need to buy a drying rack or improvise a metal coat hanger or household utensil. Otherwise a soft-sided reservoir will tend to collapse on itself allowing the liquid to pool. This will cause bacteria to grow and possibly mould to develop.’

RoguePak adds ‘And if mould happens to form it will require a cleaning solution (bleach is recommended) and brush to get rid of it. Who wants to drink from a reservoir that’s had bleach in it? An economical, recyclable replacement cartridge is a superior solution for convenient use.’

RoguePak cartridges are made of low-density polyethylene. This material is 100% recyclable. When users feel it’s time to replace a used RoguePak cartridge with a new one, they can remove the Secure-Seal clip and plastic tubing, and then cut out the Quick-Connect tube connection — the used cartridge is now ready for the recycle bin or to be taken to a recycling centre.




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