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currexSole runs with pro triathlete Nils Frommhold

currexSole runs with pro triathlete Nils Frommhold

currexSole, a leading insole maker for athletic footwear in Europe, which is rapidly growing its footprint in the US market, has announced an official partnership with professional triathlete and two-time IRONMAN Champion, Nils Frommhold.

As an athlete supported by currexSole, Frommhold joins a team of decorated triathletes, including two-time ITU World Champion and five time IRONMAN Champion, Caroline Steffein. According to the company, the athletes have reaped the benefits of increased comfort, and therefore better performance and injury prevention from wearing currexSoles.

Germany’s Frommhold finished sixth at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona in 2014, and has been using the currexSole sports insoles for over two years. The rising German star looks forward to formalizing the partnership and will continue to wear both bike-specific and run-specific currexSole insoles, which have a semi-custom fit to them.

“Partnering with currexSole is very special to me because I have enjoyed wearing the sport-specific insoles for years,” said Nils Frommhold. “I am delighted that we are now perfecting our collaboration with an official sponsorship. It’s great fun and a privilege to work with the experts from currexSole, who have helped me stay healthy throughout my training and racing.”

Frommhold’s world-class accolades were achieved despite a month–long break due to injury in 2011. Since then, he has been wearing currexSole and has completed nine IRONMAN races, finishing in the top six each time. He is the 2014 IRONMAN South Africa Champion and 2012 IRONMAN Arizona Champion.

“We are pleased to have another champion triathlete join our team, and Nils is an excellent fit for us both in terms of personality and his attitude towards triathlon,” said Lutz Klein, CEO and President of currexSole North America.

“On top of that, we are committed to triathlon in both the field of running and cycling, and offer both the RUNPRO and BIKEPRO discipline specific insoles which provide the dynamic-flexibility necessary for these sports. We look forward to continuing to support Nils and sharing our product and story with more triathletes.”

currexSole is a global company founded in Hamburg, Germany and provides sport specific insoles based upon the latest science and technology – with models available for soccer and cleated sports (ACTIVEPRO), hiking, skiing and golf (EDGEPRO) in addition to running (RUNPRO) and cycling (BIKEPRO).

The currexSole RUNPRO insoles are worn by world-class marathoner Gilbert Kiptoo (a 2:08 marathoner from Kenya) and US Olympic marathon hopeful Becky Wade. In less than two years, currexSole North America has forged a retail presence that has landed the brand in more than 500 independent running specialty stores throughout the US and Canada.




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