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Everysight eyes the wearables & smartglasses category

EverySight Raptor - Black Green

Everysight is the latest brand to enter the wearables category, and specifically the smartglasses arena, as it teases its ‘first-of-its-kind Raptor smartglasses, free of distracting offset displays.’ Marking an upswing in the smart eyewear space, the new brand launch from Everysight follows on from the offering by Recon Instruments, an Intel company, with its ReconJet smart eyewear.

Raptor by Everysight will be equipped with Everysight Beam technology – which is billed as a unique see-through display technology that crisply overlays information directly in the wearer’s line of sight.

Everysight is spun out of Elbit Systems – the largest defence technology company in Israel and a market leader in advanced fighter jet and rotary wing helmet mounted display systems. It is backed by external investors.

The company adds that, with Everysight Beam, the lens itself serves as the augmented display, eliminating offset displays found on other smartglasses. ‘Everysight Beam avoids peripheral distractions, reduces eyestrain and eliminates opaque display elements that can obscure the view.’

Driven by a passion for cycling, the company has chosen to focus first on smartglasses for cyclists and, in 2016, will launch its first product: Raptor by Everysight. Raptor smartglasses pack uniquely unobtrusive display technology and powerful functions into a sleek design.

The Everysight team ‘brings decades of cutting edge experience in augmented reality and vision display systems to the consumer wearable market.’ The team also spent several years working with professional cyclists to design and optimize Raptor, ‘which looks and feels like traditional sports eyewear, but with hidden technology that helps athletes get the most out of their activity.’

“We have more than 30 years of experience and dominate the market in vision systems and augmented reality, integrating real-time data in pilots’ helmets to optimize performance and keep pilots safe and focused on what matters,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO of Everysight.

“Now we’re bringing this experience to the consumer market with smartglasses that will revolutionize how athletes see and experience information. Raptor is the first step in our greater plan to create a full line of smartglasses.”

Raptor by Everysight will launch in 2016, with an open program for the developer community and full product details announced at that time.




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