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Going the distance: new ASICS MetaRun

ASICS Metarun - Product photo

Three years ago, scientists at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science set out on a mission with a clear objective: make the best ASICS long-distance running shoe possible. The result – MetaRun – will be available for men and women at select retail outlets worldwide on 18 November.

ASICS MetaRun is designed to provide distance runners of all levels everything they need to perform at their best from start to finish – all in one shoe. Equipped with five new technologies that adapt to individual runner requirements, ASICS notes that its scientists have gone further than ever before to maximize all four core long-distance running functions.

Five new technologies:

  1. FlyteFoam: newly patented, ASICS’ lightest, most durable midsole, with organic fibres for high-level cushioning
  2. AdaptTruss: newly patented and ‘revolutionary carbon reinforced adaptive stability system’
  3. Sloped DUOMAX: dual density midsole that adjusts smoothly to dynamic motion
  4. Optimized Upper: featuring a glove-like, one-layer Jacquard Mesh and MetaClutch exoskeleton external heel counter with built-in memory foam
  5. X-GEL hybrid high-tech gel

MetaRun incorporates ASICS’ lightest midsole, provides stability that kicks in when needed, has a glove-like fit, and cushioning that absorbs impact to deliver ‘an unparalleled ride from the first stride to the last.’

“As a leader in performance running, ASICS needs to stay ahead of the game,” said Motoi Oyama, President and CEO at ASICS Corporation.

“We challenged our team of experts at ASICS Institute of Sport Science to develop a shoe that transcends current design limitations and ensures our future success. MetaRun is our most technologically-advanced shoe ever and marks a significant breakthrough for ASICS.

“I am delighted that our team has raised the bar higher than ever before to set a new standard for long-distance running footwear.”

ASICS MetaRun_Running Test

Three years ago, Dr Tsuyoshi Nishiwaki, Executive Officer and Head of Research at ASICS Institute of Sport Science, was given a challenge – to create ASICS’ best long-distance running shoe possible.

With no limits or compromise on time or cost, the only condition was that MetaRun had to provide better performance for runners than existing ASICS footwear in all four core long-distance running attributes: lightweight, stability, fit and cushioning. In the past, maximizing one would often compromise another.

Dr Nishiwaki and his team fine-tuned every detail for performance, from the proprietary midsole formula to the precise positioning of X-GEL. Building from the chemical compound up, and with unrestricted access to some of the best equipment and experts available, rigorous testing led to the discovery of new materials and five key innovative technologies to finally achieve the goal.

With the aim of balancing all functions, ASICS adds that MetaRun provides performance benefits in one shoe. Scoring higher than existing internal benchmarks (with research results measured against the ASICS GEL-KAYANO 21 and a standard error up to +/- 8.4%) in all four core functions, MetaRun provides comfort and support:

  • Lightweight: FlyteFoam lightweight midsole – with built-in organic fibres – is around ‘55% lighter than industry standard’, helping to reduce overall weight by 20g as well as increasing cushioning, durability and bounce-back.
  • Stability: All-new, carbon-reinforced, two-piece AdaptTruss provides progressive adaptive stability that works seamlessly with the sloped DUOMAX construction to deliver 28% more rear foot stability and 15% more mid-foot stability, reducing pressure for a smoother transition.
  • Fit: Optimized upper with MetaClutch exoskeleton external heel counter with memory-foam lining, and glove-like, one-layered Jacquard Mesh, improves both static fit (44% in lateral and 26% in medial) and dynamic fit (12% in lateral and 15% in medial) to fit better to foot shape when still and in motion.
  • Cushioning: X-GEL hybrid gel formulation, shape and precision positioning increases rear-foot cushioning by 18%.

“At ASICS, we have pioneered innovation in performance running footwear since Mr Onitsuka created the very first Marathon Tabi shoe over 60 years ago,” said Dr Nishiwaki. “Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to continuously improving our products. We design every shoe to be better than the last, so I am proud of the leap we have achieved with MetaRun.”

He continued, “MetaRun will be ASICS’ new benchmark for all future products to provide even greater benefits to all of our customers. This is just the beginning of our journey.”

With only 60,000 pairs of ASICS MetaRun available worldwide, this limited edition shoe will give runners an exclusive opportunity to experience ASICS’ latest footwear technologies. MetaRun will be available globally from 18 November at a recommended retail price of €250.




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