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Gonzalo García de Salazar appointed Orbea Global Sales Manager

Gonzalo Garcia de Salazar appointed Orbea Global Sales Manager

After one year of managing Orbea’s US affiliate, Gonzalo García de Salazar has been appointed as Global Sales Manager for the Spanish bike brand. His mission will be to define and implement Orbea’s sales strategies on a global level, with the aim of growing and strengthening its positions in strategic markets, while also exploring new business opportunities.

Gonzalo will continue to be based out of Little Rock (Arkansas), home to Orbea’s US affiliate.

Gonzalo will be key in promoting Orbea’s business strategy, in which European manufacturing, a focus on cycling and a production model that promotes flexibility and the customization of products will be the basis for the company’s main lines of action. Orbea adds that all of this will be with a clear goal: ‘to be closer to our customers than ever before.’

Strategy, efficiency and proximity are three keys for Gonzalo: strategy, to position the Orbea brand in the right places, from a sales and marketing perspective; efficiency, to offer the markets the proper tools to enable them to grow with Orbea; and proximity, so that active listening in these markets is a constant endeavour.

Gonzalo García de Salazar has a broad experience in the cycling industry. He managed Trek in Spain for 11 years (2002-2013), after being a business representative of the brand for one year. Gonzalo ‘revolutionized Trek’s business in Spain, and secured the second place among best-selling brands in the country – only behind Orbea.’

Before joining Trek, he owned and managed a bike shop in Madrid, Bicimanía, for 12 years (1989-2002). Bicimanía was a pioneer in the introduction of mountain bikes in the 1990s.

Gonzalo also led the creation of AMBE, the Spanish Association of Cycling Brands. He was one of the founding partners of the association in 2010, and presided over it for two years. AMBE strives to achieve a series of interesting goals for the sector. It has also turned ‘beneficial projects into reality, such as the Spanish Unibike trade show.’




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