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Helping sponsored athletes grow brand value, Soleus rolls out Signature Series

Soleus Signature Series

Sports watch and timing company, Soleus Running, has partnered with its elite sponsored athletes on a signature series collection that is designed by the athletes for the athletes.

Team Soleus Elite, which includes Kara Goucher, Nick Symmonds and Alysia Montaño, is a dynamic trio, which is established not only on the Olympic stage, but also with their voices for change and progress in the sport of track and field.

In order to pay homage to each of these athletes’ journey on their quest to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games, Soleus has individually collaborated with the athletes to create the first ever Signature Series collection.

Soleus is set to release the Signature Series at the beginning of February, just prior to the Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles.

Each athlete independently opted for a red, white and blue colour scheme, and added ‘USA’ somewhere on the watch as a subtle nod to their national pride. To truly make it a ‘Signature Series Collection’, the athlete’s signature is on the reverse side of the casing, engraved or printed, depending on the watch.

Soleus created the Signature Series line with the elite athletes as a way to show its support in the athletes and ‘help them in every way they can to pursue their dreams on and off the track.’

A release from Soleus added that ‘Proceeds generated by the Signature Series will go directly to Kara, Nick and Alysia, which will continue to inspire and help them on their path to their Olympic dreams.’

“Everything we do here at Soleus is about running,” said Soleus founder, David Arnold. “We create timing and tracking devices to help athletes achieve their goals, and in the case of the new Signature Series, we are thrilled to also be able to financially help Alysia, Kara and Nick with their goals of making it to another Olympics.”

Olympic Marathoner Kara Goucher’s watch of choice is the newly released GPS One, which offers the accuracy and data of all standard GPS watches with the simplicity of a one-touch start, and real-time stats that she uses throughout the majority of her marathon training.

Retailing at US$89, the One is a favourite of recreational and elite runners who prefer to record their workouts with pen and paper, rather than online.

“I’m very excited about my watch collaboration with Soleus,” said Kara Goucher. “The design process was fun and I love how Soleus incorporated all of my ideas in to the watch. I hope people enjoy it!”

Olympic 800m runner Nick Symmonds, completes the majority of his workout on or near the track, so his watch of choice is a traditional chronograph called Contender. With six interval timers, and 10 x 50 lap memory, the Contender can store plenty of Nick’s workouts with ease.

Retailing at US$75, the Contender is positioned for men or women, who simply need timing, laps and splits for their workouts.

“The amazing staff and fantastic products found at Soleus make it a perfect company to be partnered with,” said Nick Symmonds. “Add that do the fact that they are willing to work with me on a signature watch, to help me grow my brand, and I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude to be part of the Soleus family.”

Olympic 800 meter runner, Alysia Montano also prefers the simplicity of a chronograph. Her watch of choice has been the Chicked. A more feminine model with a thin wristband, and ergonomically placed buttons, the Chicked retails for US$65.

The Alysia Montano Signature variant sports an engraved silhouette of Alysia and her infamous flower in her hair. Like the flower in Alysia’s hair, the Chicked is positioned as a symbol of strength and femininity.




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