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In the city: HAïKU GPS navigation computer on Kickstarter

HAIKU on bars

HAïKU is a next generation bike computer powered by the smartphone that makes ‘accessing useful information while riding much easier and less dangerous.’ HAïKU also gives urban cyclists a simple and safe access to key information such as clear GPS navigation, call and message notifications and live ride statistics.

The HAïKU Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign has built momentum, with 75% of funding achieved in less than two weeks.

Fred, Matt and Greg, the founders have a cumulated bike commuting experience of 27 years. They argue that the real difference to existing bike accessories is that HAïKU has been designed from the start for urban cyclists.

Frédéric Martin, industrial designer and Head of User Experience explained “The basic needs when riding a bike in the city are very different than on a road bike. It is not about performance, it is about knowing where to go, what time it is, is anyone trying to reach me, etc. With HAïKU we offer urban cyclists a simple access to this information with a dedicated and innovative user experience focused on safety and simplicity.”



  • Safety = gesture control to pull information: a touchless sensor provides the rider access to current information just by waving his or her hand over the device (with navigation data popping up automatically).
  • Simplicity = proprietary magnetic dock: the set up on the handlebar is billed as being effortless thanks to a powerful magnetic dock, and the connection with the smartphone is automatic.

HAïKU is urban proof and can be used with winter gloves or under heavy rain. The screen display has also prioritized visibility both under sunlight and at night.

HAïKU will be available in retail for €89, which the team argue is three times cheaper than a traditional bike GPS, and is available on Kickstarter for €70 (with all early bird products gone in a few hours).

“After almost two years on the project and many iterations on the prototypes, we are ready for industrialization,” said Grégoire Lanaud, HAïKU CEO.

“We are thrilled by the good start of our Kickstarter campaign and the enthusiasm of urban cyclists around the world. As soon as we reach our goal we can start working on manufacturing with our reliable French partner.”




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