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Island hopping in Germany at Red Bull Tri Islands

Red Bull Tri Islands

Island hopping of a different kind is getting under way this summer in northern Germany. Taking place on 16 August, the islands of Amrum, Föhr and Sylt will be staging a triathlon premiere, as registration for the Red Bull Tri Islands event is now open.

Amrum, Föhr and Sylt are among the larger land masses that form part of the North Frisian Islands – a group of islands in the Wadden Sea, part of the North Sea, off the north-western coast of Germany. Close to Germany’s border with Denmark, the islands are frequented by wealthy travelers with a range of boutique hotels, luxury accommodation and fine-dining on offer.

The triathlon covers 2.5K of swimming, 40K of cycling and 10K of running and connects all three islands with each other. At 14:00 CET, on 16 August, the participants take off from Amrum. On the 2.5K long swim they will have to fight against currents and waves until they reach Föhr. From there the athletes continue on a 40K long bike course.

At the end of the cycle leg, the tide will work as a natural knock-out system to the event, as those who haven’t made it into the last boat from Föhr to Sylt at 16:50 will be out of the race!

During the transfer from Föhr to Sylt, in 12-seater boats, the athletes have the chance to recover and mobilize their remaining energy for the last part of the race. The running course on Sylt starts with a challenging sprint up the sand dunes, leading the participants into a 10K run route around the island before reaching the finish in the port of Hörnum.

The entry fee of €89 covers all transfers and shuttles that are necessary during the competition.




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