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LucidBrake smart wireless bicycle brake light announced on Kickstarter


LED lighting technology company LucidLights has announced on Kickstarter LucidBrake, the patent-pending smart wireless motion-sensing bicycle brake light with awareness beacon for safer biking in traffic, at night, or in groups.

Available on Kickstarter at bikebrakelight.com, LucidBrake is billed as ‘the most intelligent bike brake light on the market’. It mounts on ‘virtually any surface’, using all 3 axes of acceleration signals (right/left, up/down, backwards/forwards) to detect deceleration and stopping, filtering out road bumps, grades, angles and normal cycling movements.

LucidBrake easily and securely presses onto the bike, rider, helmet or other surface with ‘Dual Lock’ fasteners from 3M, an extremely tough fastener material that is even used to hold up metal siding on buildings in extreme outdoor weather conditions, no installation or wiring required.

Featuring 8 ultra-bright LEDs, LucidBrake can be seen up to a ½ mile away at night and ¼ mile during the day, ensuring that cars, other bikers and pedestrians will see the cyclist braking, slowing down, or stopping suddenly, even at a distance. The 8 LEDs blink as the bike moves and alert solid when it stops (just like a car’s brake lights), detecting movement on boats, jet skis, bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs, scooters, helmets and even backpacks, clothing, signs and other flat surfaces.

Featuring advanced computer circuitry, LucidBrake knows the difference between slowing down and abruptly stopping, detecting motion with 4 beacon modes: 2 blinking modes, steady glow (tail light), or off (for racers) normally while in motion. It has a 2-speed braking indicator: flashing quick alerts during sudden stops, glowing solid during normal stops.

100% waterproof, the LucidBrake circuit board is completely encased in a special optically clear conformal coating at the suggestion of engineers at Dow Corning to protect from the elements. LucidBrake even works under water for boating or other aquatic uses. This super-tough coating is used for solar energy projects, where long term exposure to ultraviolet light, intense heat and cold can take their toll.

The inventors of LucidBrake interviewed cyclists who told them their main concern, besides safety, was adding weight to their rides. At under 2 ounces, LucidBrake adds very little weight and at 3 inches across, it gives cyclists the essential light and braking safety that they require. LucidBrake works with 2 AAA batteries that last over 1 year, shutting off when not in use to save battery life.

“We’ve taken bicycle safety lights to a whole new level with LucidBrake,” said John Craig, inventor and owner at LucidLights LLC. “Simply attach LucidBrake to your bike, helmet, backpack, or elsewhere, add two AAA batteries and ride. There’s no wiring at all, not even an on/off switch. It’s that simple, easy to use, and it works great! LucidBrake is smart enough to self-adjust to the mounting angle, road grades, and bumps, making it the most intelligent brake light on the market.”

LucidBrake is exclusively available for pre-order for the summer cycling season, shipping June 2015, through its Kickstarter campaign at bikebrakelight.com. The first 25 backers will get the early bird discount special of US$50, with additional backers receiving LucidBrake at the discounted rate of US$69.99. In addition, some backers will receive the first-ever personalized product perk from this campaign, a customized 20 oz. stainless-steel water bottle emblazoned with their name, perfect for cycling excursions.




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