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Manufacturing, logistics and service changes for Orbea

Orbea facility

In keeping with its goal to improve the service provided in strategic markets, to IBDs and to end customers, Orbea has conducted an in-depth systems audit with the aim to enhance service speed, flexibility and customization.

The company has made a series of decisions based on its findings.

Orbea has decided to expand its assembly capabilities at its plant in Portugal, by buying an 8,000m² facility and equipping it for ‘optimum functioning as a state of the art manufacture & assembly facility.’ In addition, the Spanish bike company is increasing the customization potential of its production center in Mallabia, northern Spain, in the paint and component departments.

Orbea is furthermore giving a boost to its logistics and soft goods development platform in Hong Kong, and investing in the modernization of its logistics facility in the USA.

As part of this systems overhaul, the company has decided to stop manufacturing in our plant in Kunshan, China, as from 30 June 2015. Orbea adds, ‘This decision has nothing to do with our business activity in the Chinese market, where we are planning to make significant changes for a stronger presence.’

All this restructuring is expected to improve service and make the company more competitive as it focuses on the traditional pillars of itsbusiness: European manufacturing, flexibility, customization and efficient service.

Orbea is part of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation and is Spain’s largest bicycle operator. Orbea bike frames are manufactured in Asia and finished in Spain – with the brand shipped worldwide.

In 2011, Orbea further cemented its relationship with Orca – the wetsuit and apparel tri brand. Heralding from New Zealand, Orca is part of the Orbea family – with Orbea and Orca reaching an agreement in 2011 for Spanish Orbea to acquire Orca’s ‘operation rights in the triathlon and compression area.’ This deal gave Orbea global rights to the Orca brand, following ‘four years of fruitful relations’ between the two companies.




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