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Moji introducing PRO Massage Line at Sports Authority

Moji PRO

Lifestyle and active recovery brand, Moji, has confirmed that one of the US nation’s leading full-line sporting goods chains, Sports Authority, will distribute the company’s series of portable and travel-friendly professional-grade self-massage tools.

Starting in October the retail giant will carry the recently launched Moji Curve PRO, Foot PRO, and Mini PRO in stores across the US.

“Massage and recovery is one of the fastest-growing segments in the wellness and fitness space,” said Stephen Binkley, Executive Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer at The Sports Authority.

“In addition to athletes looking for injury-prevention tools, there is an expanding consumer base eager to de-stress from high-pressure jobs and busy lives. Moji is a great fit for our store and we’ve received immediate and enthusiastic interest in their product lineup.”

Moji’s professional-grade line, first made available in the US in spring 2015, features stainless steel massage spheres, giving users the ability to chill tools in the freezer for ice-cold recovery. The Moji Curve PRO, Foot PRO and Mini PRO were designed to target large muscle groups including quads, hamstrings, IT bands, calves and plantar muscles in the foot.

Users can choose multiple massage options including elongation, cross-fiction and trigger point for recovery and relaxation.

“We’re thrilled to partner with one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the US to share our active recovery tools,” said Victor Viner, Founder of Moji. “Our new PRO massagers work to keep athletes and outdoor enthusiasts pain-free and ensure active recovery while participating in tennis, golf, running, cycling, and winter and action sports. Moji’s new line is a great fit for The Sports Authority market and we’re excited for this collaboration.”




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