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Culprit Legend bike at large on Kickstarter!

Culprit bike

The Culprit Legend is a tri specific, full carbon triathlon bike designed as an easy to travel with superbike. With a rim or disc brake option, the new bike is reaching out to prospective purchasers via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

“I believe we are the first tri bike to ever attempt funding on a crowdfunding site and of course the first tri bike with no seatstays, disc brakes and a lot of other great features,” said Joshua Colp, General Manager at Culprit Bicycles.

The first supporters of the new bike get the best pricing. The Culprit team is essentially offering 40%, 35%, 30% and 25% off the bike’s listed retail price depending on how early consumers support the project. The company has set a goal to open up with three sizing options first: S, M, L; and have a reach goal set for XS and XL and a stretch goal for XXS.

If funded, Size L will be shipped out in August/September 2016, and the remaining sizes/orders will ship out in December.


Reward Price US$ Quantity
Novelty Carbon Culprit Ruler 30 unlimited
The Early Bird Gets the Worm – Legend Frameset 2095 10
The Early Bird Gets the Worm – Legend Frameset with aerobar/stem 2550 10
The Early bird special – Legend Frameset 2275 25
The earl bird special – Legend frameset with aerobar/stem 2762 25
30% off Legend Frameset 2447 25
30% off Legend frameset with aerobar/stem 2974 25
25% off Legend Frameset 2621 unlimited
25% off Legend frameset with aerobar/stem 3185 unlimited


The Culprit Legend Kickstarter page contains a comprehensive technical summary of the bike, which originally started out as a joint venture back in 2012. The team on the Culprit Legend project notes that Culprit has been a leader in the market for road disc bikes and brought the first riding sample tri bike to the market in 2013.

However, the manufacturing partner was unable to bring the latest design into production. The Culprit Legend team then ‘took a step back and re-evaluated what the goals of the bike were and set forth the goals to make the bike that was not only incredibly fast, but also incredibly user friendly.’

In the process, the team wind tunnel tested and ran Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) on the original Legend. The team adds that they have since ‘found the perfect supplier in Taiwan who will manufacture the bike for us and who has the expertise and knowledge to make this bike from its current prototype form into a production carbon triathlon bike.’

Culprit Legend geometry 2015

The Culprit Legend is only available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The bike is Shimano, SRAM and Campy compatible. The company adds…

‘Overall, this is a superbike that was designed to be easy to travel with. Easy for the home mechanic to wrench and service at home. It was also designed to be able to accommodate aftermarket products as we all know things happen in travel and over time. Proprietary parts only make repairs longer and more difficult so we have offered a bike that is easy to repair anywhere in time of need.’




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