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New FLUX backpack lights the way for Torch Apparel

Torch Backpack

Los Angeles-based start-up Torch Apparel has launched its latest product — FLUX, which is billed as a classically-styled backpack with an enormous 11” x 4” rear light panel. According to Torch, what makes the design especially unique is the fact that the lights remain hidden and keep the user looking good during the day, but safe at night, with the active safety lighting feature.

The FLUX bag is waterproof with a 29 litre capacity, and is for cyclists and beyond. Torch adds that it works perfectly for any hiker, skier, motorcyclists or skateboarder who needs extra visibility after dark.

Torch’s founder and creative force, Nathan Wills, started the company when he realized the need for better-performing and better-looking options for cyclists. Having been struck by a car three times while on his bike, he takes the subject very seriously.

“Small, centrally mounted lights just don’t cut it,” said Wills. “And most people just won’t wear the silly looking safety clothing because of what they’ll look like once they reach their destination. The solution is large surfaces with active safety lights on the rider, not the bike.”

The company’s first product, the award-winning Torch bike helmet, has reportedly sold out twice over the past year.

FLUX is currently funding on Indiegogo, and given Torch’s two previous successes with crowdfunding, the company expects the campaign to be over-funded.

Wills explained, “The goal is to bring awareness to the new product while the added funds will help to expand the concept into a range of different bags and apparel. We have already begun working on a line of outerwear with the same patented technology that’s included in FLUX, and look forward to introducing that line after the FLUX is in production.”

The FLUX is expected to retail for US$210, but backers on Indiegogo can secure an early order for as low as $150.

The FLUX, constructed with a durable 1000 Denier Nylon exterior and a waterproof vinyl tarpaulin liner, is lit up by a unique fibre optic panel illuminated by LEDs, to give off a high-intensity red light.

The LEDs on the backpack are powered lithium polymer batteries, have adjustable steady or blinking settings, a four hour run-time, and can be recharged through a standard USB 2.0 charging port. The backpack is available in black or red with black trim and possibly olive-drab green with a red panel if the crowdfunding stretch goal is met.




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