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New Spenco Medics insole line offers customized relief from foot pain

New Spenco Medics insole line - Sport

A new line of ‘instantly customizable insoles’ is targeted at offering quick relief for athletes and others whose feet need orthotic support. The Spenco Medics line of Adjustable Replacement Insoles features Spenco’s proprietary Total Support technology, with the added benefit of interchangeable heel and mid-foot pods.

“What makes these insoles different from others on the market is the option to omit pods or choose from a selection of different-density pods for the insole,” said Jeff Antonioli, Spenco’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“This line provides a quick, cost-effective option for both doctors and patients, including athletes, either as a final solution to foot pain or to help relieve pain while they wait for custom orthotics,” Antonioli said. “There are many kinetic prescription options.”

The Spenco Medics assortment includes ‘Sport’, which has a four-way stretch top cloth and ‘Dress’, which uses a brown leatherette. A ‘Diabetic’ version is included in the line, which features a sculpted Plastazote foot bed but not the interchangeable pods.

Common foot ailments the insoles can help include plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and hot spots.

The Spenco Medics insoles come packaged for retail sales, but the company recommends that a medical professional make adjustments. The Sport and Dress versions are available in medical offices, with the Diabetic version also available on Spenco’s website. The insoles retail for US$39.99 to US$84.99.

Spenco is a leading producer of high quality insoles, footwear and foot care products. Based in Waco, Texas, Spenco provides advanced sports medicine and first aid products, as well as a line of premium shoes for men and women. Founded in 1967 by renowned foot care specialist Dr Wayman Spence, Spenco adds that it ‘earns consumer trust in its products by focusing on superior customer service to distinguish itself in the outdoor, sports, foot care and medical markets.’




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