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New ‘ultimate sports drink’ launch is a PLUS for Nuun

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Nuun and Company, the maker of Nuun Active Hydration, ‘the #1 selling sports drink in bike, run, outdoor specialty and outdoor chain stores’ has announced its latest product release. Billed as ‘the ultimate sports drink’, PLUS for Nuun is, according to Nuun, the first and only sports drink to deliver a modular hydration and fueling system.

Provided in the same eco-friendly tubes and effervescent tablet form that Nuun consumers will be familiar with, PLUS for Nuun provides ‘precision, flexibility and simplicity to meet the dynamic needs of the athlete.’ The product will be debuted to the athletic community simultaneously at Nuun’s expo presence at the Boston Marathon and Sea Otter Classic on 16-19 April. PLUS for Nuun will be available for sale across running, cycling, triathlon and outdoor specialty retail beginning on 1 May.

The development of Nuun’s latest innovation began as its team, which is led by Kevin Rutherford, President and CEO, and Vishal Patel, Chief Nutritionist, increasingly learned from endurance athletes that their hydration and fueling strategies were suboptimal and difficult to manage, especially as duration and intensity increased. PLUS for Nuun aims to solve these challenges by ‘increasing the rate of hydration and efficiency of fuel consumption while creating a modular dosage environment for the athlete to effectively and simply replace valuable nutrients.’

“I’m very proud of what we have accomplished with PLUS,” said Kevin Rutherford. “It symbolizes our commitment to the innovation spirit of Nuun and our mission for everyone to achieve life’s next personal best.”

PLUS is a flavorless tablet that contains a blend of carbohydrates plus electrolytes that is designed to be used in conjunction with Nuun Active or Energy. PLUS uses fast releasing, multiple carbohydrate sources, d-Glucose and Sucrose, that ‘can be used by the body immediately to increase the rate of hydration and help the athlete utilize several absorption pathways that increases the efficiency of what you are consuming.’

The recommended dosage is 2 to 4 tablets of PLUS and 1 tablet of Active or Energy in 16 fluid ounces of water. According to Nuun, this creates a hypotonic solution maximizing gastric emptying rates and fluid retention. In solution the nutrient range is 48 – 88 calories, 410 – 510 mg of sodium, 201 – 401 mg of potassium, 75 – 175 mg of magnesium and 63 – 163 mg of calcium.

Nuun notes that this modularity creates a flexible environment allowing the athlete to dose electrolytes and fuel precisely based on the intensity and duration of their exercise. “Through our modular system, the athlete can determine prior to the workout how many carbohydrates and added electrolytes they’ll need for the duration,” stated Vishal Patel, Nuun Chief Nutritionist.

“With our formulation and recommendations, we can ensure, based on our testing, there is a proper carbohydrate to fluid ratio decreasing the onset of any stomach related issues while providing optimal nutrient replacement.”

PLUS is delivered in the same tablet format as all Nuun products. Nuun adds that… ‘The effervescent tablet form increases the rate of fluid and nutrient absorption through 100% nutrient bioavailability, the release of carbon dioxide and the creation of a buffered solution. And, by design it guarantees a precise dose that eliminates the issue of inaccuracies or spillage compared to powder.’

PLUS for Nuun was developed by Chief Nutritionist Vishal Patel. Under Patel’s guidance, Nuun tested the efficacy of PLUS when exercising at longer durations at moderate to high intensity. The test was an independent study conducted on six well-trained endurance athletes. The athletes participated in two trials, one consuming Nuun Active and the other consuming PLUS with Nuun Active during 70 minutes running at moderate to high intensities including a final time trial to fatigue.

The results reportedly indicated the average time to fatigue was increased by 5.7%, heart rate max was 1.8% lower, rating of perceived exertion was 0.5 lower, and the speed the athletes were running was 0.2 miles per hour faster when consuming PLUS with Active over Nuun Active alone.

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Nuun has been working alongside professional runner and Olympian Kara Goucher to maximize her hydration and fueling through her training and racing leading up to Olympic Trials on 13 February 2016. “Vishal’s advice has been very helpful and it has been exciting to be part of the research on PLUS,” added Kara Goucher. “I have seen immediate benefits using the product in my daily training, especially when pre-loading prior to longer and harder workouts.”

Nuun is also the hydration sponsor for Team Novo Nordisk, a global all-diabetes sports team of cyclists, triathletes and runners, spearheaded by the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team. The team plans to use PLUS for Nuun at the Tour of California on 10-17 May.

PLUS for Nuun is available in a tube containing 12 tablets, 6 servings, with a retail price of US$6.99. It is also offered in a single serving sachet including 2 tablets of PLUS and 1 tablet of Nuun Active with a retail price of US$1.99.

Nuun and Company, based in Seattle, WA, is a pioneer of electrolyte enhanced drink tablets that turn water into an optimally balanced sports drink without the added sugars and plastic waste of traditional sports drinks. Founded in 2004, Nuun is used by some of the world’s best athletes and enthusiasts in running, cycling, triathlon, golf, outdoor and general fitness.

Ten years later, Nuun Active Hydration remains the ‘#1 selling sports drink product in bike, run, outdoor specialty, and outdoor chain stores.’ Nuun is sold in over 5,000 outlets in the US and available in over 30 countries.




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