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onomo adds wristband to its minimalist navigation device HAIZE

onomo adds wristband to its minimalist navigation device HAIZE

Cycling accessories developer onomo, the company behind minimalist bike navigation device HAIZE, is introducing a wristband to its Kickstarter backers. The company notes that this make its minimalist navigation device even more versatile and ‘the perfect companion for hikers, geocachers, urban explorers, runners and many more.’

“Being able to use HAIZE for navigation in a host of scenarios, not just riding a bike, has been the single most asked for feature from our backers and supporters,” said Javier Soto Morras, co-founder and lead designer of the HAIZE project.

“So, we are very happy introduce a new wristband to our backers today. It is great that HAIZE is getting so much positive attention even beyond the cycling community.”

With this new addition, walkers, hikers and fell-runners will be able to securely snap HAIZE functionality onto their wrist-strap and ‘follow a route through a forest, visiting the best viewpoints, and let HAIZE guide them back to their car or camp for example.’

Other applications put forward by the company could be urban games or geocaching. Another possibility would be to receive an invitation in the HAIZe app, and let HAIZE guide athletes to a secret location where an event is taking place.

With 28 days to go HAIZE has passed the 60% funding mark. The Kickstarter campaign will run until 7 December and onomo is looking to raise £50,000 to produce the first run of HAIZE devices.

Key features of HAIZE:

  • Two navigation modes: ‘Turn-by-turn mode’ and ‘Compass mode’
  • Self-adjusting LEDs for visibility both day and night
  • Durable materials and simple design
  • Fits on any bike
  • Wristband to use HAIZE for running, hiking or geo-caching

The start-up onomo was founded in 2014 by Javier Soto Morras and a team of engineers, designers and creatives. What unites them is a shared passion for cycling and wearable technology. onomo is headquartered in London.




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