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Place your hands: new fi’zi:k Endurance bar tape

Fizik Endurance bar tape -soft touch black

The newest addition to the comprehensive fi’zi:k bar tape range is Endurance. As the name suggests this newly designed option from the bike accessories specialist is formulated especially for long-distance rides, all-day and multi-day events.

Made from 2.5mm thick Microtex, it’s positioned as being the ‘best of both worlds’ riders have been waiting for, offering long-term padded comfort with detailed feedback, control and a light weight.

fi’zi:k notes that a rider’s hands on the bars represents a fundamentally important contact point between rider and bike. The company stresses that ‘So much technology is invested to the other contact points that it’s easy to overlook the nuanced detail of the compound, texture and density of bar tape… If you spend long time on the saddle, getting the right tape is a must.’

The new fi’zi:k Endurance bar tape joins Superlight (2mm thick, for optimum feedback) and Performance (3mm thick, for padding) to provide a range of 2, 2.5 and 3mm tapes. All the tapes are made from perforated Microtex, which is breathable, light, durable and easy to clean.

fi’zi:k adds that the Endurance offering won’t rip or ripple, ‘even when you’re facing the toughest climb or the filthiest conditions’. Like the others, Endurance comes with a choice of textures – Classic, Soft Touch and Tacky Touch – with different tactile characteristics to suit rider preference and the seasons.

Endurance bar tape has been tested by and developed in conjunction with pro riders at the Telenet-Fidea Cycling Team.

“Throughout the year we ride in so many different environments – with different road surfaces, temperatures, weather conditions and for different durations,” said Tom Meeusen at Telenet-Fidea.

“To make sure all our riders get the best blend of comfort and control it’s vital to have a full range of thickness of tape to choose from, with the choice of textures that we expect from fi’zi:k.”

The new fi’zi:k Endurance bar tape is available now in a range of colours and texture options:

  • Endurance classic: red, white, black – €29.90
  • Endurance soft touch: white, black – €29.90
  • Endurance tacky touch: white, black – €34.90




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