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Power under one roof: Verve Cycling acquires Breakaway Innovations

Verve Cycling InfoCrank

Verve Cycling, the company behind the InfoCrank cycling power meter, has announced the acquisition of Breakaway Innovations (BAI) – the designer of the power module used in the InfoCrank.

Both companies have worked together for the last three years, commercializing the power measurement concept that had initially been used at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) for calibration of their devices.

Verve Cycling’s InfoCrank cycling power meter measures torque in the crank. ‘Adopted by leading Institutes of Sport around the world in its first year on the market’, the Verve InfoCrank is positioned as being simple to install and use, with consistent data and reliability in power output measurements.

The Verve InfoCrank is built for many bikes, all kinds of cyclists, riding in all weather conditions. With the technology built inside each crank arm, the InfoCrank power meter measures each leg’s power, separately.

Verve power meters are available all over Europe through a wide network of affiliates from bike shops to coaches, physiotherapists and more.

Bryan Taylor, President of Verve Cycling said “The relationship with BAI has always been exciting, but with a level of tension as we all strove to produce the power device that the competitive cyclist and triathlete needs. Now that the product is proven in the marketplace with accuracy that cannot be measurably improved, it was time to join together to work on the incremental improvements for the benefit of our customers.”

David Kempnich, CEO of BAI added, “I am extremely proud of my team and our power meter technology. We know for certain that it is the most accurate and robust power meter system available in the market today. By formally bringing this leading technology together under the same roof as Verve Cycling’s marketing and distribution expertise we can take advantage of multiple synergies, but also bring our technical expertise even closer to the end user which will help drive further innovation and foster new products”.

Verve Cycling was formed in 2012, primarily to design and engineer the InfoCrank. Its aim is to tap in to a broad cycling community to design, build and sell products that actively help riders improve their capability. The first projects undertaken were the development of the iCrank (for Australian firm Biobike), the InfoCrank and InfoCrank Classic, and the Verve HandCrank.

InfoCrank and its variants are billed as the first commercially available load-cell cycle power meters that measure forces directly in the load path. InfoCrank is a precision, dual-channel instrument built as high-grade bicycle crankset, and aims to bring a benefit to competitive cyclists with reliable, repeatable power measurement.

Breakaway Innovations (BAI) is an elite research & development company based out of Perth, Western Australia. BAI specializes in the prototyping and development of mechatronic products, and works closely with partners to bring these products to market.




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