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Pure Adventures and Ultra Sports Live TV partner for live-streaming coverage

Ultra-trail Cape Town

Pure Adventures and Ultra Sports Live TV have announced a partnership to provide live-streaming coverage of races in South Africa, beginning with the iconic Ultra-trail Cape Town.

Hosted on the USL.TV platform, the live-streaming coverage will include expert commentary. It will also utilize innovative tracking technology and live camera footage to ‘acquire exact geo-positioning of athletes during the race, allowing fans to follow their favourite athletes during the entire event.’

“We are very excited to partner with Pure Adventures to bring our race-viewing experience to South Africa,” said USL.TV Founder and CEO Mike Cloward. “Pure Adventures produces some of the world’s most iconic endurance and multi-stage off-road races, from trail running to mountain biking, so we couldn’t be happier to work with such a top-rated race organization.”

USL.TV is a media and technology platform that aims to revolutionize event and race coverage of some of the greatest endurance challenges worldwide. Dedicated to connecting fans with every aspect of the race, USL.TV provides coverage of participants through streaming videos, real-time GPS racer tracking, course previews and commentary, and post-race athlete interviews.


Ultra-trail Cape Town 2


“Attempts to ‘spectatorize’ endurance events and offer interactive media coverage to fans has always been an issue for race organizations as viewing areas are remote and often hard to access,” said Michael de Haast, co-founder of Pure Adventures.

“Offering a cutting-edge live platform will change the way endurance events are perceived and allow race organizations to maximize marketing ability. We now have the capability to follow athletes live and monitor participant safety along the course using the USL.TV platform where information is immediate and up-to-date.”

The premier of the USL.TV platform in South Africa will take place at the Ultra-trail Cape Town Race on 3 October 2015. Professionals from around the world, including California-based ultrarunner Sally McRae, will compete at this year’s event.




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