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Reprieve saddle getting ready to roll

Reprieve saddle ready to roll

It’s always nice when a plan comes together; and thanks to 223 backers, who pledged US$34,448 to help bring a Kickstarter project to life, the Reprieve Saddle from 3 West Design is getting ready to ship.

3 West Design kick-started its Reprieve Saddle funding campaign on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter late in 2014, and having secured the funds it needed to get the product off the ground, the company is getting ready to roll-out the product in the coming weeks.

The new saddle offers up a ‘seat design that alleviates soft tissue discomfort while cycling’, whether it be across the road, triathlon, mountain, track, spin or recreational bike categories.

As it gears up to push its product to market, 3 West Design has shared a story of an IRONMAN competitor at this year’s rescheduled IRONMAN Maryland, which took place on Saturday 17 October (delayed from the original date of Saturday 3 October 2015 due to the impact of Hurricane Joaquin on the US East Coast).

The story relates to one of the Reprieve Saddle Kickstarters who chose the saddle over his Adamo and fi’zi:k for the Maryland IRONMAN event.

Alex, a triathlete from Portland, Oregon, said, “When I saw the Reprieve saddle on Kickstarter, it seemed to be a very simple and elegant solution to my problem. Solid support in the rear for my hip bones while o?ering an adjustable softness for the forward point of contact. When I backed the project, I suddenly was very excited at the possibility of not being sore after long rides. When I ?rst installed the saddle, it surprised me at how easy and intuitive the setup was.”

Alex continued, “I found the correct angle for my body and played with the pressure on the contact area. Eventually I found the perfect mixture. I have ridden on this saddle extensively now and I can honestly say that it has solved each of the problems that I have experienced with far more expensive models. I do not have raw or sensitive areas after rides over 90 miles and I can easily change to a high sitting position with no issues.

“This saddle will be on my bike for IRONMAN Maryland and each and every race from now on. I am impressed each time I climb o? my bike and am able to easily transfer to the run with no hip pain or cha?ng issues, both are critical if you want to survive an IRONMAN race.”

The Reprieve saddle product…

  • Drops the mid-section of the saddle 3/4? to naturally fit the outline of the human anatomy; the dropped area of the saddle is also shaped to further account for the perineum and soft tissue region.
  • Incorporates an imbedded ‘Active Surface’; this air-filled bladder differentiates the Reprieve from any saddle on the market. It’s fully adjustable so each cyclist can find his/her comfortable level of cushion to ride. It allows a rider’s soft tissue to sit on a soft layer of air.
  • The bladder is a tough, RF welded, medical grade urethane with a solid Lara Valve. In testing, the team at 3 West Design note that they ‘didn’t have to add air to the bladder for months.’
  • Offers equal performance; as the sit bone area is like that of any other saddle, providing cushioned comfort with a shape that encourages free pedalling movement.
  • Provides a better shape, so the sensitive tissue area doesn’t touch anything until a rider’s sit bones are on the saddle. This is unlike traditional saddles where the perineum typically absorbs direct pressure from the bike seat throughout the ride.




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