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Second generation BSX Athletics: measuring lactate threshold & muscle oxygenation

BSX Athletics second generation BSXinsight 1

BSX Athletics debuted its second generation BSXinsight product line at Interbike on Wednesday 16 September 2015. Heralding the new and updated product launch, the company noted that this is the world’s first wearable to track lactate threshold and muscle oxygenation, and is ‘changing the way athletes train’.

The first iteration of BSXinsight received a good reception from members of the media, industry giants and retailers. It has been described as ‘revolutionary tech in the endurance sports world’, and has received glowing reviews from some of the highest industry influencers.

The second generation product is equipped with upgraded tech and many additional features. It continues to quantify athletic fitness using standard lactate threshold measurements, and has extended its capabilities to measure muscle oxygenation in real time. As the company adds, ‘With certainty, this tells an athlete if there’s room to push harder or pull back when training.’

BSX Athletics second generation BSXinsight 2

Lactate threshold is a standard measuring test for athletes to gauge their endurance capacity. Muscle oxygenation is a concept gaining traction in the endurance world. It is the balance between the supply and demand of oxygen in the muscles to indicate how hard athletes are working.

With its new iteration, BSX Athletics has created a way for athletes to quantify every aspect of their training – from current fitness capacity to real-time effort level.

BSX Athletics notes that it has ‘fundamentally changed the way athletes train by providing real-time, accessible feedback.’ BSXinsight represents the next generation of wearable tech. It has been honored with an ANT+ Symposium award, and a 2015 Adweek ISAAC Award.

BSX Athletics second generation BSXinsight 3

Using optical technology, the BSXinsight reads the oxygenation level of a person’s blood through the calf and then translates that information to blood lactate level. The non-intrusive sensor is worn comfortably around the calf, pairs with users’ smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 technology and relays information to the BSX app in real time.

BSX Athletics is taking pre-orders for the second generation BSXinsight at store.bsxinsight.com. Three editions are available: XR2 Running Edition, XM2 Multisport Edition, XC2 Cycling Edition.

BSX Athletics is a sports tech company that develops smart wearable products for endurance athletes. Located in Austin, Texas, BSX is aiming to transform the way endurance athletes train and measure fitness.

BSX Athletics was created to ‘make every athlete a personal record holder.’ By taking the guesswork out of training, BSXinsight gives athletes powerful information in as simple, actionable and accessible way as possible.




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