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Seeing DOUBLE – Challenge Venice & Elbaman get together for new endurance challenge

THE DOUBLE - Challenge Venice and Elbaman get together

For those who love a challenge, the organising teams of Challenge Venice and Elbaman have both got together to forge THE DOUBLE, ‘a trophy dedicated to all triathletes who seek out a challenge!’

To participate in THE DOUBLE, athletes will need to complete both the Challenge Venice and Elbaman two full distance events in Italy next year.

Challenge Venice 2016 is a new event, with the first edition to be held on 5 June. The organising team notes that the destination event ‘will be one of the most exciting new triathlons next year’. Participants from over 40 countries have already signed up for the 2016 Challenge branded race, which will be hosted in one of the most iconic cities in the world.

Elbaman is a well establish long distance event, with over 10 years of history on Elba Island – situated between Corsica and the western coast of Italy. The event offers ‘a spectacular swim and a challenging and breath-taking bike course.’

Next year’s Elbaman event takes place on 25 September 2016. This gives over three months between Challenge Venice and Elbaman.

Overall, THE DOUBLE requires athletes to swim a total of 7.6K, bike 360K and run for 84.4K. By finishing the two full distance races each participant will be eligible for the finisher shirt and to win the trophy, which will be awarded to the first male and female, and to the first three in each age group category.

The final ranking will be calculated based on the sum of the final time of the two events. As the teams at Challenge Venice and Elbaman point out, ‘This is a unique opportunity to live the ‘Dolce Vita’ in Italy and race in two incredible full distance events!’




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