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SLS3 accepting applications for Team SLS3 2016

Team SLS3

Multisport apparel specialist SLS3 has announced the formation of Team SLS3 for the upcoming 2016 race year. A release from the company notes that members of the team join an elite community of triathletes and runners as they compete at all skill levels.

Applications for the team remain open, and to become a member of Team SLS3 athletes must complete and meet the following criteria:

  • Live in the United States
  • Commit to a tentative race calendar for the 2016 season, with at least six sanctioned events
  • E-mail travis[at]slstri.com
  • Submit a race resume with all past results
  • Complete the application process by 31 December 2015

Team selection is not limited to professional athletes. Team SLS3 notes that it ‘wants to show the world the value of an active lifestyle, and that beginners can benefit just as much from the right compression gear as the pros.’

Once selected, athletes have to pay team dues from US$129.90 to US$259.90, based on the level of support that wanted. SLS3 adds that the dues cover the cost of branded compression gear, and the team package will ‘have a value between $380 and $800.’

Compression gear from SLS3 utilizes fabric technology and designs to improve performance and recovery – which can help yield faster race times. SLS3 has tailored all of its clothing to meet the specific needs of each phase of a triathlon.

Water resistant swimwear prevents the absorption of water into the clothing, to help athletes stay sleek while on the swim. The compression design of the shorts and socks ‘enhance blood flow to your lower body, in an effort to combat muscle cramps and fatigue as you near the end of your race.’

During the season, Team SLS3 members compete in events all over the world. Team members promote Team SLS3 via social media through the publication of photos from the race, and the submission of all race results. In public, team members act as ambassadors for the brand, while spreading a positive message about the benefits of racing and competition.

SLS3 was established in 2007, by pro-triathletes Sebastian and Sylvie Linke. It is dedicated to ‘offering top-notch professional sports gear, designed to keep up with the athletes day and night.’ The company also works to maintain responsible business practices and a small carbon footprint; and SLS3 notes that it is passionate about providing exceptional customer care.




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