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SLS3 scores new partnership with Score This!!!

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Apparel specialist SLS3 has been busy this week with another release confirming a partnership. Having recently signed up Justin Daerr as a new team member to the SLS3 roster of sponsored triathletes, this time the US-based company has tied up with ‘Score This!!!’. As noted by SLS3,  Score This!!! has been a strong figurehead in the production, management and timing of multisport and running events for the past 22 years.

Score This!!! specializes in race production, providing both its own trademark multisport series of 5-8 races and consulting services for those who want to host events themselves. SLS3 has just confirmed a US$16,500 sponsorship agreement to support the organiser’s upcoming season of events.

“We love what they have been doing out in New York,” said SLS3 Sponsoring Director, Vanessa Evans. “With their level of professionalism, expertise, and real knack for production, we wanted to raise more awareness about their services across the country. We believe many individuals would benefit from what they have to offer.”

SLS3 logo

Score This!!! will be kicking of its season this March with the annual Fly by Night Duathlon. This unique race commences at 18:00 ET on the NASCAR racetrack at Watkins Glen, NY, and ends with a late night BBQ and awards ceremony.

“We are definitely looking forward to being a part of what will be a very fun series of competitions,” added Vanessa Evans. “Creative races and expert design? What’s not to love?”

Score This!!! was founded by Robert Giardini and Richard Clark. Robert Giardini is President of the company and a Level 1 USA Triathlon Certified Race Director. He began organizing and planning events in 1997 for the original Buffalo Waterfront Triathlon and later for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Richard Clark is Vice-President of Score This!!!. He also had his start organizing multisport events at the 1997 Buffalo Waterfront Triathlon. According to the company, Clark is one of less than 30 level two USAT certified race directors in the US.

SLS3 was established in 2007, by pro triathletes Sebastian and Sylvie Linke. It is dedicated to ‘offering top-notch professional sports gear, designed to keep up with the athletes day and night.’ The company also works to maintain responsible business practices and a small carbon footprint.




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