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SLS3 ties-up new sponsorship deal with pro triathlete Justin Daerr

SLS3 in new sponsorship deal with pro triathlete Justin Daerr

SLS3 has added a new team member to its roster of sponsored triathletes. Justin Daerr, a six-time Ironman top 3 competitor and a 7th place finisher in the 2011 North American Championship is now an SLS3 athlete.

Justin Daerr started with racing short local events until he decided it wasn’t big or crazy enough for his liking. The very next season, he decided to tackle his first Ironman in California, finishing with a time of 12:55 and he was THEN completely hooked on endurance racing.

Justin became fully immersed in triathlon racing. He began casually teaching fellow athletes, kick-started a triathlon program for college beginners, helped to found the Texas A&M triathlon Team, and interned for a leading triathlon publication until his graduation in 2003.

He then officially acquired is triathlon coaching certification and took a direct role in coaching and mentoring aspiring athletes.

In 2007, Justin moved to Boulder, Colorado to hone in on training. In line with his personal desires, he also began working at Endurance Corner, a company that works for the education, coaching, and training of triathletes. He rose to become a partner in 2012, and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer, while also continuing to coach on a personal basis.

In addition to his business career, Justin became an active supporter of The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) in honour of his father, who was severely wounded as a Marine during the Vietnam War. In the past two years, Justin has raised more than US$17,000.
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SLS3 notes that Justin never set out to be a professional triathlete, but rather followed his passions to ‘a life fueled by pain, persistence, and fun.’ What started out as an item on his bucket list, is now a lifetime career and successful obsession for triathlon sport.

“We are incredibly honoured to be partners with this insane and amazing individual,” said Vanessa Evans, SLS3 Sponsorship Director. “We try to look for athletes who truly show a passion for not only the race, but for the sport in its entirety. We believe that Justin represents perfectly this principal, and we look forward to the 2015 season with much anticipation.”

SLS3 was established in 2007, by pro triathletes Sebastian and Sylvie Linke. It is dedicated to ‘offering top-notch professional sports gear, designed to keep up with the athletes day and night.’ The company also works to maintain responsible business practices and a small carbon footprint.




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