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Smartphone joined at the hip with Trainer Hip Belt from Griffin

On the run with Trainer Hip Belt from Griffin

Griffin Technology has unveiled Trainer Hip Belt, which is positioned as being perfect for runners who like to keep their essentials on hand while working out. The comfortable armband alternative features touchscreen access for smartphones, four convenient headphone openings for universal smartphone compatibility and highly visible reflective accents for enhanced safety.

Trainer Hip Belt is billed as ‘the perfect companion for long runs, hard workouts or a quick stroll around the block.’

“Just as fitness watches and shoes are important items for runners, smartphones and headphones have become essential items to bring while hitting the pavement,” said Keavy Murphree, Category Manager of Wearable Technology & Fitness Accessories at Griffin.

“Trainer Hip Belt allows easy access to music and training apps, while providing housing for a key in a convenient and comfortable, re-positionable pouch.”

Trainer Hip Belt’s full-screen, see-through window allows for easy access to a smartphone’s touchscreen, ‘letting users conveniently select a new playlist or answer a text without removing the phone from the belt.’

Griffin notes that, for many runners, music is an integral part of getting into a workout. The belt includes four headphone openings that allow runners to plug in their earbuds from any direction the phone sits, letting them get the musical motivation they need for their workout.

Trainer Hip Belt from Griffin

Trainer Hip Belt features high-visibility reflective accents that provide additional safety for runners in low light and help keep them visible from drivers and other runners on the road. It also includes a convenient storage slot for a house key.

The adjustable spandex belt fits waists from 25″ to 56″ and allows runners to carry their smartphone close to their centre of gravity, ‘avoiding added weight on either side that could affect their stride.’ Trainer Hip Belt fits most smartphones including iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Griffin’s Trainer Hip Belt is now available for US$29.99 online and in selected retailers.

Founded on Paul Griffin’s kitchen table in 1992, Griffin Technology, is ‘today one of the world’s foremost creators of accessories for home, mobile, and personal technology.’ Unique products such as iTrip, PowerMate, iFM, iMic and Evolve Wireless Speaker System have loyal fans the world over.

Today, Griffin products are conceived, designed and developed in-house and continue to aim at ‘pushing the envelope of the industry they helped create’.




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