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South African Gillian Sanders joins expanding Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team

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The Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team, which was unveiled to the world earlier this year, has now confirmed that top female South African triathlete Gillian Sanders has joined the team. The 34 year old Olympian and Commonwealth Games medallist bolsters the team’s professional athlete line-up, bringing the number of elite team members up to 6, now including 3 men and 3 women.

A release from Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team noted that, with her achievements within the standard (Olympic) distance, and with a significant number of triathletes across the Middle East and Africa already following her and looking up to her, Gillian becomes a very invaluable addition to the Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team’s mentorship programme, focused on developing talent from the region.

The Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team pro athlete roster now includes:

  • Leanda Cave (Great Britain)
  • Eimear Mullan (Ireland)
  • Gillian Sanders (South Africa)
  • Lawrence Fanous (Jordan)
  • Omar Nour (Egypt)
  • Mohamed Lahna (Morocco)

“I’m really excited to have joined the team!” said Gillian Sanders. About the team, she said that “It’s a fantastic opportunity, but also the sport of triathlon has really given me a lot in my life… and now it’s a chance for me to give back, especially with triathlon growing massively in the Middle East and Africa; and I want to be part of growing the sport in those regions.”

South African Gillian Sanders joins growing Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team

Sanders’s personal triathlon related goals include improving her Olympic achievement, bettering her 19th place at the London 2012 Olympic Games to achieving a podium position at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and getting a medal for Africa.

“Having Gillian on our team completes our 2015 goals of building our base within Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team,” noted Team Principal, Hassan Afifi.

“To complete laying our solid foundations for all the upcoming projects starting in 2016, the missing piece of the puzzle was an additional great female role model, preferably with a focus on short distance, specific Olympic experience and a deep understanding and appreciation of our team values and goals in the Middle East and Africa.”

He continued, “Gillian was the obvious and most ideal person for this role, and we are so lucky that she is joining us as we are about to start a very exciting period in the life of the team.”

Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team is planning several large initiatives to start in 2016, including specific projects focused on women, underprivileged kids, and amateurs, all to be announced next month, just ahead of the team’s year-end camp, which takes place at a Red Sea resort.

Alameda o.n. Triathlon Team is owned by Pro Tri Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales, with original shareholders from the Middle East. The team’s title sponsor is Alameda Healthcare Holdings, which owns and operates several large healthcare projects across the Middle East and North Africa.

Other sponsors include: Tri Sport Arabia, an online store which belongs to a triathlon distribution company focused on Arab countries, provides the means for people to take on the sport of triathlon easily and conveniently across the region.

The o.n. brand is associated with Omar Nour, one of the region’s key professional triathletes. The o.n. brand itself has many programmes across the Arab region, promoting active and healthy living, to adults and youngsters alike.

Team partners include, for bikes, British brand Dassi Bikes; travel bike accessories and trainers, SportCrafters; Team Dillon Coaching; and Pixel Alchemy for video/photography.





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