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Swim coaching and winter sun in Tenerife with Dan Bullock & Tri Dynamic

Tenerife Open Water Swimming

If the sideways rain, gales and getting dark by 4pm isn’t doing it for UK triathletes, then the coaching team at Tri Dynamic suggests a winter escape with Swim For Tri Head Coach, Dan Bullock.

Tri Dynamic’s Tenerife Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock will take place from 20-27 February 2016 at the Tenerife Top Training facility on the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, off West Africa. Tri Dynamic points out that, in addition to the warm weather, over the last ten years, Dan Bullock has helped thousands of triathletes improve their swimming – from beginners to multiple Kona qualifiers.

Tri Dynamic has added that there are now only a few places remaining on the fifth edition of its Tenerife Swim Faster Camp. With only 12 places available overall, this high attention training camp with Dan Bullock includes individual coaching and daily video analysis from one of the top UK triathlon swim coaches and a 2015 British Masters Open Water Age Group Champion.

Tenerife Swim Faster Camp 25m Pool with Dan Bullock

Sessions take place across the 50m and 25m pools – plus in the warm, clear open water swimming venues right on the doorstep of the camp venue.

Commenting on the Tenerife Swim Faster Camp, Dan Bullock said “Spending a week concentrating on your swim technique in a high attention environment is a great way to make big gains in a short timeframe. Every year this camp generates fantastic improvements and results across the board. We are really looking forward to heading back to Tenerife in 2016.’

The camp is open to triathletes, open water swimmers and Masters athletes. There are now just the last few places remaining, so booking prior to Christmas is advisable for those wishing to secure a place.





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