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Swimmo smartwatch designed to improve a swimmer’s strength

Swimmo smartwatch designed to improve swimmer’s strength

Swimmo, a smartwatch and personal swimming coach, launched on Kickstarter last week. According to the development team, Swimmo ‘breaks down the barriers of current monitoring devices available to swimmers by offering personalized training and real time progress.’

Swimmo helps swimmer’s train smarter by tracking distance, pace, heart rate and calories burned all from one simple, waterproof device. Swimmo’s innovative technology makes sure that users stay within their ideal training zones by alerting them with vibrations when it is time to speed up or slow down. Swimmo is positioned as the ideal tool for professional athletes, triathletes or anyone who is trying to improve their strength and get in shape through swimming.

“There are many apps and devices that support training for runners and cyclists, but very few are created specifically for swimmers” sakid Swimmo CEO, Mateusz Heleniak. “We decided to change that with Swimmo, a smartwatch that overcomes all the challenges of using a wearable device underwater.”

He continued, “Swimmo focuses on developing the strength and power of muscles through customized training. We have outfitted the device with a number of proprietary technologies such as Rotate&Tap gesture control, a waterproof hear rate sensor, IntensityCoach and PaceKeeper. All of these features help keep your swimming pace in line with your current training plan.”

Swimmo features a built in sensor that measures heart rate directly from the user’s wrist. The smart watch is then able to communicate messages such as ‘slow down’, ‘keep the pace’, or ‘speed up’ (IntensityCoach and PaceKeeper technologies) throughout the training session by sending vibrations of variable frequency.

Swimmo measures distance, pace, amount of calories burned as well as total time spent in water or even on an individual lap. The smartwatch syncs its results to the free Swimmo app (available for iOS and Android) so users can monitor their progress over time. With the Swimmo app users can also share their results on social media and on popular fitness forums such as RunKeeper.

Swimmo’s sleek, elegant design can be utilized outside the pool as well. ‘The device can serve as a designer sports watch that digitally displays date and time.’

Swimmo’s features are accessed by intuitive Rotate&Tap technology that utilizes two simple hand gestures: rotating the wrist (select menu options) and tapping the display (confirm). The smart watch uses energy saving Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with the Swimmo app for Android and iOS devices. The device’s interface is displayed on an OLED, full-colour screen adapted to work underwater.

Swimmo is made of high-grade materials. The watchband, made of a modern polymer material, is smooth to the touch, anti-allergic and aims to prevent discomfort or chafing. The bezel has been designed to eliminate itching or scratching.

Swimmo is currently being offered on Kickstarter at the discounted rate of US$169 (estimated MSRP US$230). The first 29 backers will be able to pre-order the smartwatch for a special early bird pledge rate of US$149. Backers should begin to receiving their smartwatches in October 2015.

Swimmo was established by Mateusz Heleniak, an entrepreneur passionate about swimming. He has gained his rich business experience as a Lead User Experience Designer in Polish e-commerce companies, including Allegro Group. In addition to Mateusz, Swimmo’s team consists of Tomasz Watorowski, Michal Bonikowski and Rafal Pilat, the previous creators of innovative product: DICE+, a winner of the prestigious IF GOLD Product Design Award 2014.

The Swimmo project has seed financing and is supported by experts in launching products, including the co-creator of such projects as Sherlybox and Woolet. Both have already succeeded on Kickstarter. Swimmo is incorporated in US with an R&D center in Poland.




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