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TNatura off-road tri series cancelled for 2016

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The TNatura off-road triathlon series in Europe, which originally got under way in 2012 following a collaboration with local event organisers and the European Triathlon Union (ETU), will not continue in 2016.

Commenting on the news, ETU President, Renato Bertrandi said, “After long discussion with TNatura on plans for 2016, we have been notified by them that the Cross Triathlon Circuit will not take place. It is a real pity as the circuit has provided stunning races and has provided exciting opportunities for athletes to compete.

“We want to thank TNatura for the good collaboration over the past few years and in order to ensure that our European athletes can still enjoy this exciting sport, we will immediately be opening bids again for organisers and federations to host the 2016 Cross European Championships.”

An announcement from event organiser Island Group, which is behind the TNatura off-road tri brand, confirmed that it was taking ‘a break from the European Cross Triathlon circuit’…

After the resounding success of the Cross Triathlon World Championships in Orosei, Island Group based in Nuoro, is close to celebrating another important milestone with the organization of the 10th edition of TNatura Sardegna. Ten years of passion and proficiency have brought the event in Orosei up to worldwide level and it has become an icon for triathlon races on fat wheels.

Always attracting the biggest and best international champions of Cross Triathlon, but above all, the race which, knew has brought together and enabled to growth of Italian and European Age Group and Elite athletes in this compelling sport. In the splendid location of Cala Ginepro and Biderosa, six Italian championships, two ETU European championships, and an ITU World championship have been hosted, bringing to the race location a Tribe of over 3600 athletes from over 50 countries from every corner of the world.

However, the hard work managed by Island Group over these 10 years has not been limited to races only in Sardegna. The perseverance and passion for triathlon has rendered it possible to establish over 30 events in 20 different locations around Italy and Europe. Closely examining the numbers cited above and those to follow, you come to realise how the initiative of the Sardinian based company has benefitted from and given prestige to the movement of Italian and international triathlon, envisaged and created via an investment of over 3 millions euros to organize events, races and circuits of which nearly 200,000 euros goes to prize money.

But the events are also an important fountain of development for the economy and employment in the host location of the events, the various studies and thesis certified that in these year at the event in Orosei created a revenue of over 80,000 tourist numbers, generating around 8 million euros of direct economic revenue in the touristic sector for services and employment, as well as a communication which reached over 150 million media contacts.

These important goals and merits have provided us with a great opportunity and honour, both personally and for the whole of Sardinia, to organize a stage of the ITU World Cup in Cagliari. This is a historic milestone for Italian Triathlon, as for the first time it will host such an important race allocating points to athletes to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

This great objective, like always, holds us responsible in regards to sporting institutes and territories, seeing the responsibilities and investments they made for the realization of international events in Italy and Europe, capable of international fame not only in Cross Triathlon, but also their beauty, touristic and economic opportunities for the location in which they are held.

For this reason we have decided to take a year-long break from the ETU TNatura European circuit, which will enable us time to revitalize this important project and reorganize, in a more incisive manner, Cross Triathlon as well as others.




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