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USA Triathlon implements SafeSport Program

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USA Triathlon, the National Governing Body for triathlon and other multisport disciplines in the United States, has adopted SafeSport Education and Training Policies to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct in the sport and ensure safety for all members of the triathlon community.

SafeSport, a program founded by the US Olympic Committee, provides information, training and resources to raise awareness about issues in sport, including sexual, physical and emotional misconduct; bullying; harassment and hazing.

Safety is the highest priority for USA Triathlon and its members, and SafeSport education provides participants with the tools needed to effectively monitor organizations and teams; minimize opportunities for abuse and other types of misconduct and respond to concerns.

“It is imperative that every athlete, coach, race director and constituent of USA Triathlon feel safe and respected in our sport,” said Rob Urbach, USA Triathlon CEO. “SafeSport provides critical educational tools to help all participants be part of an environment that is as safe as possible, as well as a way to report any misconduct that may take place. We are proud to incorporate SafeSport into our sport and we encourage our members to utilize the resources available.”

SafeSport training will be required biannually for USA Triathlon Certified Coaches, USA Triathlon Certified Race Directors, USA Triathlon Certified Officials, USA Triathlon Board of Directors, USA Triathlon staff and any other individuals who are formally authorized, approved or appointed to a position of authority or have frequent contact with any athlete.

Additionally, USA Triathlon’s Code of Ethics and Athlete Protection Policy requires individuals bound by those documents to report abuse, misconduct and violations of its safety policies.




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