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USA Triathlon to create membership album with Harris Connect

USAT Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee - photo Lee Krohn - USAT

USA Triathlon (USAT) has announced that its annual members ‘can be part of history with the 2015 Harris Connect album’, a showcase of member stories and the sport of triathlon’s history.

The album will list all current USA Triathlon annual members and feature a specific member section, in which athletes can contribute stories and photographs to celebrate the sport and the impact it has had on their lives. The Editorial Content and Member Showcase in the book will be presented in full colour and will be available for purchase.

Members will receive a postcard in the mail and/or email starting around 10 April. Beginning on 13 April, members can call Harris Connect and provide their information to be part of this commemorative membership album. Harris will also share instructions on how to participate and submit stories and content for the book. The last day for updates in the album will be 13 July.

During the phone calls, members will be asked the following:

  • Local club or team name
  • Region name (usatriathlon.org/regions)
  • Race information for up to three races, including event name, year of event, race distance, designation, race type, finish time and finish position
  • Current job title/occupation, employer, work address and phone number
  • Profession code
  • Current city and state

Following the call, members will receive an email with a link to the portal where photos and stories may be uploaded, if the member so chooses.

All books are custom ordered and not mass-produced. Book orders must be placed by 9 October. USAT members can order the book on the phone with the call center or will receive a phone number to call if they decide to order the book after their conversation. All books will be shipped in late October 2015.




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