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Vector450 and IGY Life Sciences partner with elite triathlete Meredith Kessler

Meredith Kessler wins Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championships, Auckland, New Zealand on 18 Jan 2015 - Photo Darryl Carey

IGY Life Sciences, the maker of immune supplement, Vector450, has announced a partnership with pro triathlete, Meredith Kessler. ‘MBK’ as she is known, has completed over 53 Ironman races, and numerous 70.3 distance events.

As a pro, she has 8 Iron distance wins, and 10 half distance titles. In 2014, she followed her DNF at the Kona World Championships with a resounding win at IRONMAN Arizona, topping the second place finisher by a whopping 8 minutes!

Meredith first got introduced to Vector450 while giving a pre-race workshop for the Arizona IRONMAN event. The Vector450 team was also in the room as a guest of Krista Baker, owner of Race Quest Travel – a full service endurance travel agency. Meredith spoke with a number of the Race Quest athletes who had been using Vector450 leading into the event and decided to take it immediately after the race.

She reportedly found that the product lived up to its recovery claims after her long distance travel to Challenge Bahrain just three weeks after Ironman Arizona. “I was amazed, it helped with inflammation and I did not get any post-race or travel related issues with my immune system,” noted Kessler. “For me, I was a fan, and offered to help promote Vector450 to my friends, family and fans.”

She continued, “I only work with products and companies that have a positive impact on my career and health, and enjoy great relationships with them. As pros we are also very careful what we take, and make sure the products are safe, tested and approved.”

On 18 January, Meredith Kessler started her 2015 season with a resounding win at Ironman 70.3 Auckland, New Zealand.

In 2014, the pro athletes taking Vector450 had a strong season, culminating in over 130 races, and 77 trips to the podium and 8 wins in pro division races. Of equal importance, the product is reportedly playing an important role for age groupers training for their first triathlon, or trying to qualify for Ironman Kona.

Tim Tarpley, owner of Trident Sports and a 17 year veteran coach said, “I now have 99% of my customers using the product. We don’t want our athletes to have down time from over-training, or hanging around snotty kids! All of them have families and full time jobs. Adding 6-20 hours a week of training is hard on anyone. It really does what it says.”

Vector450 continues to gain momentum and build awareness – with athletes opting for the brand to enhance both recovery times and overall performance. According to IGY Life Sciences, Vector450 rebalances athletes’ overworked immune systems with its Muno?IgY based formula.

Vector450 with Muno?IGY is a branded product of IGY Life Sciences and Immune Technologies based in Thunder Bay, Canada, and is ‘the only Health Canada approved Natural Health Product that contains Muno?IgY, a naturally extracted and purified IgY protein from hen egg yolks.’

IGY Life Sciences notes that Muno?IgY works safely and effectively at the gut level to balance the immune system and functions to improve its efficiency, which is often over stressed in competitive athletes. Vector450 is all?natural and a non?stimulant. It does not contain any gluten, dairy or sugar.

IGY Life Sciences USA is the sales and distribution subsidiary of IGY Life Sciences & Immune Technologies Inc. Brands currently include Vector450.com and soon to be released, IGYIMMUNE. IGY
Life Sciences USA is located in Fort Worth Texas.

IGY Life Sciences is a privately held biosciences company specializing in the extraction, development and commercialization of broad spectrum antibodies, or immunoglobulin (IgY), for use as OTC nutraceutical and for development of antibodies for targeted pathogens. The company was formed in 2009 to commercialize a proprietary process for extraction of avian immunoglobulin from chicken egg yolks.




  1. I have been taking it for two years, no side effects just benefits. I do cross country ski racing and found that I feel pretty darn good the day after a big race. Plus I don’t have the allergy symptoms I used to have regularly. I was so impressed by real results for me that I asked the President of IGY Life Sciences to have me help market and sell it to the midwestern states and specifically to my XC ski racing community. Many are benefiting for it now. Try it you’ll like it, a lot!


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