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Velocomp PowerPod offers on-the-bar power


Velocomp, creator of computers that track performance and measurement, has announced the patented PowerPod via a Kickstarter campaign. The product is billed as ‘the first power meter that attaches to your handlebars — no need to change crank, wheels, pedals, or bottom bracket.’

PowerPod measures power produced by both legs at up to 800 times per second, transmitting data to any ANT+ cycling computer that reads power (including Garmin, Bryton, and more).

Positioned as being low-cost and easy to install, PowerPod claims that it eliminates the compromises of accuracy, flexibility and affordability that cyclists must often consider when choosing to buy a power meter.

Compact & lightweight
Compact and lightweight, PowerPod weighs 1.3 ounces (32g) and measures 1.96” x 2.2” x .7” (50mm x 58mm x 18mm). PowerPod includes a GoPro style handlebar mount, and additionally is compatible with GoPro metal-machined mounts.

PowerPod sits underneath the handlebars and out of the way, and has a control button and a status light for mode and function display.

Installation is claimed to be easy: ‘just attach PowerPod to the handlebars, pair it with your ANT+ speed sensor and ANT+ bike computer, then ride. After 5 minutes, PowerPod’s automatic, one-time calibration process is completed.’

Power to the people
Power (measured in watts) is one of the most important measurement in cycling. For competitive cyclists, more power means faster speeds and longer distances. For enthusiast cyclists, more power means better physical fitness and more calories burned.

Velocomp’s patented power measurement technology: accelerometer, air pressure, elevation, and speed sensors measure the forces acting on both legs, up to 800 times per second. PowerPod claims that it delivers measurement accuracy comparable to the most expensive ‘gold standard’ both-leg crank power meters, and accuracy superior to one-leg power meters.

In addition to accuracy, PowerPod is low-priced at US$299, up to 5 times less expensive than some other power meters, ‘saving cyclists hundreds or even thousands of dollars’.



PowerPod employs Velocomp electronics and firmware adapted over 11 years of development, and is ‘now used successfully by professional cyclists from Team Colombia, CCC Sprandi teams, and at Tinkoff Saxo VIP club and training events.’

“Power is so fundamental for cycling performance that most serious cyclists, professional cyclists, coaches, and sports scientists use power as the fundamental way to measure and improve cycling performance,” said John Hamann, CEO of Velocomp.

“With PowerPod, cyclists can experience the advantages of training and riding with a power meter and not have to compromise on accuracy, portability or affordability. In addition, PowerPod ANT/BLE (to be released in February 2016) will work with fitness trackers that today are highly inaccurate when measuring cycling effort.”

PowerPod will ship in the US in November 2015 for US$299 and comes with the sensor, mount, mounting hardware and Micro USB cable.

Velocomp is a sports technology company based in Jupiter, Florida, dedicated to product breakthroughs in areas of power measurement and cycling performance. The company adds that it ‘leads the industry in delivering advanced power measurement at an affordable price.’




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