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Verve Cycling chooses Vitamina C as European press office

Verve Cycling InfoCrank

Australian cycling power meter specialist Verve Cycling, the company behind the InfoCrank cycling power meter, has chosen Italian based Vitamina C as its European press office. As part of the media & communications deal, Vitamina C will act as a PR representative for Verve Cycling products.

Verve Cycling’s first bike product is its new-generation InfoCrank cycling power meter. ‘Adopted by leading Institutes of Sport around the world in its first year on the market’, the Verve InfoCrank is positioned as being simple to install and use, with consistent data and reliability in power output measurements.

The Verve InfoCrank is built for many bikes, all kinds of cyclists, riding in all weather conditions. With the technology built inside each crank arm, the InfoCrank power meter measures each leg’s power, separately.

Verve power meters are available all over Europe through a wide network of affiliates from bike shops to coaches, physiotherapists and more.






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