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Verve Cycling powers into the UK with Moore Large

Verve Cycling InfoCrank

Verve Cycling has signed a deal with top UK distributor Moore Large to bring its InfoCrank range of power meter products to UK cyclists.

InfoCrank is positioned as a robust, highly-accurate crankset with integrated power metering that, once set up, requires no further calibration or maintenance. It has been extensively tested by amateur and professional riders and ‘shown to perform reliably even in extreme conditions.’

InfoCrank is available in most popular crank lengths and formats and displays a real-time output to ANT+ compatible head units.

Verve Cycling President Bryan Taylor said “Moore Large is the first distributor in the world to carry our InfoCrank range. We are delighted to be working with Nigel Moore and his team. Moore Large is a perfect match for Verve — they share our family company principles and, of course, have an extensive, high-value distribution network.

“We look forward to bringing InfoCrank to a wider constituency of UK riders who are committed to improving their sporting performance.”

Moore Large Product Manager Steve Palmer said “After spending just five minutes with Bryan and Magnus from Verve, it was clear InfoCrank added a completely different dimension to power devices. The data produced is stable and it’s the first in its category to have certified accuracy. Riders looking to progress can maintain a true record of their power and have access to the same equipment as the professionals.”

Verve Cycling notes that InfoCrank is now ridden by Olympic athletes, professional cyclists, and amateurs worldwide. The company adds that it has been ‘ridden without fault in tough long tours, such as the amateur Haute Route and Tour TransAlp races, in the Giro d’Italia (by Alessandro Petacchi), in Belgian Classic races, in the UWCT Masters Series.

It debuted with Magnus Backstedt at the 2014 IRONMAN World Championship – and many triathletes are reported to be following his lead.

InfoCrank’s rolling out in the UK, and with its signing with major distributor Moore Large, is leading Verve Cycling, to re-think its affiliate-based internet business model. In particular, Verve Cycling notes that it is ‘open to approaches from top sporting institutes and major distributors in other European countries where top-level cycling is strong.’

Any business questions might be directed to Verve UK Managing Director George Galbraith via info[at]vervecycling.com.




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