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Votwo takes the plunge with swim-run as UK’s first ÖTILLÖ series


Multisport event organizer Votwo is taking the ÖTILLÖ swim-run format to the UK market as an official provider of the ÖTILLÖ Sprint Training Series. Votwo undertook the first successful pilot event on Sunday 14 June at Dorney Lake, Windsor, the 2012 Olympic Games rowing venue.

This first UK ÖTILLÖ event, which is part of a new UK series of three, added to a full day of triathlons and long distance swims at this iconic venue, including the already popular Gatorade Eton Dorney Triathlon.

The next two ÖTILLÖ UK Sprint Training Series events will again take place alongside the Gatorade Eton Dorney Triathlons on 19 July and 27 September.

ÖTILLÖ swim-run races are billed as an exciting new race format, which originated in Sweden in the Stockholm archipelago islands. ‘ÖTILLÖ’, meaning ‘island to island’ racing, involves a distance of 75K, of which 10K are swimming and 65K are trail running. Teams of two race together from start to finish and competitors must be no more than 10m apart in the water and 100m apart on land at all times.

Votwo’s Eliot Challifour and Andy Blow took part in the 2014 ÖTILLÖ World Championship and finished 8th giving Votwo first-hand experience of what it takes to succeed at this sport, as well as how to organise an ÖTILLÖ event.

A small but keen field of newcomers to ÖTILLÖ swim-run got the ball rolling on 14 June to take part and try something new. The racing was close and the couples worked together to cover the 3100m of swimming and 10.18K of running. A sprint finish in the last 400m of the race took Rhian & Ben Martin to the win in a time of 1h 42 min 55 sec.

The best two out of three race results count towards the series prize – and winners of male, female and mixed pairs categories at the UK ÖTILLÖ will win a free entry to an ÖTILLÖ qualifier race, which will take place in Sweden, Finland or Switzerland later in the year.

Eliot Challifour said “The UK sprint training series is the perfect opportunity to try out this new exciting race format and venture outside of traditional triathlons. The race series is designed to be a ‘taster’ for those that are new to the sport or for more experienced ÖTILLÖ competitors to use as training in preparation for ÖTILLÖ qualifiers or indeed the World Championship in Stockholm if they are lucky enough qualify for a place.

“The race format is also great fun, involves teamwork and can be used as training for upcoming triathlons.”




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