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Walchshöfer family receives honorary prize for contribution to sport

Walchshofer family receives honorary prize for contribution to sport through Challenge Roth

The Walchshöfer family, organiser of DATEV Challenge Roth and the Challenge Family international triathlon series, has received a Franken Central Sport honorary prize for its contribution to sport in the region of Middle Franconia, Germany.

The award was bestowed in recognition of the successes of DATEV Challenge Roth over the years; and the prize winners were particularly recognised for the fact that Challenge Roth is already being ‘carried out by the second generation of the family, and continuously developed.’

At the awards ceremony in the city of Ansbach in Bavaria, a number of dignitaries were present including Bavarian District President Richard Bartsch, Bavarian politician Dr Günther Beckstein, President of the Bavarian Sports Association Günther Lommer and District Chairman Jörg Ammon.

The presentation speech was given by Dr Robert Mayr, the incoming head of Challenge Roth’s long-term sponsor DATEV. (Mayr will Dieter Kempf as Chairman of DATEV’s executive board as of 1 April 2016.)

Challenge Roth Managing Director Alice Walchshöfer pointed out her family’s appreciation of the more than 6,000 volunteers who contribute every year to the success of DATEV Challenge Roth. Commenting on the award, she said, “I am particularly pleased for our volunteers who often also participate for generations in our event with all their enthusiasm.”




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