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Walton Family Foundation grants PeopleForBikes US$100K

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The Walton Family Foundation has awarded a US$100,000 grant to PeopleForBikes in support of its Business Network.

The Business Network of PeopleForBikes works to organize the local, state and federal voice of business behind better bicycling in the US. It is positioned as the voice for every business that backs bicycling, including the US bicycle industry.

“Every day more business leaders are promoting the benefits of bikes,” said Jenn Dice, Vice President of PeopleForBikes’ Business Network. “They understand that bikes can help them attract and retain a talented workforce, promote employee health and productivity and power downtown development and retail growth.

“Our role is to organize these leaders to move the needle for better bicycling. We are grateful to the Walton Family Foundation for giving us the means to share and help replicate the economic development success stories that bikes bring to cities and towns.”

The Walton Family Foundation’s backing will also enable PeopleForBikes to pinpoint and showcase the business and economic development benefits of bicycling by congressional district.

The grant will help PeopleForBikes ensure that more community leaders know the rewards of investing in bike infrastructure, better bike policies and increased access to trails.

PeopleForBikes works to improve bicycling in the US by uniting millions of individuals, thousands of businesses and hundreds of communities.

The Walton Family Foundation focuses on addressing social and environmental issues by giving in three distinct areas: K-12 education, freshwater and marine conservation, and quality of life initiatives in the foundation’s home region. In 2014, the Walton Family Foundation invested more than US$375 million in domestic and international projects.




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