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‘Your race your victory’: new mid-life tattoo from Huub!?

UK-based wetsuit, swim and apparel specialist, Huub, has released a video of the Brownlee Brothers captured in the summer over in Spain. The video forms part of Huub’s ‘Your race your victory’ campaign. The campaign’s aim is to understand the goals of athletes and what reflects their Victory.

As Huub founder, and recent triple business award winner, Dean Jackson, points out, “We all have a story, we all have a victory, and it’s not always about being first over the line.”

In the video, the Brownlees talk about their biggest victories and their goals for the future. (The ‘Your race your victory’ campaign uses the hashtag #YRYV.)

Dean added, “And, as far as we know, this ‘Your race your victory’ tattoo design has yet to be inked on any flesh… Who knows maybe it’ll be my mid life crisis tattoo?!!”




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